Big Brother Canada’s new casino-themed house in pictures

- Posted on February 29 2016 at 05:41pm

Big Brother Canada 4 house - Kitchen

The Big Brother Canada house has been transformed in to the ‘BBCAN Grand’, with bosses giving it a casino theme for the show’s fourth season.

Described as “a high-end luxury boutique hotel in Abu Dhabi meeting the bright lights of Vegas”, the new house has a brash black and white decor, with eye-popping metallic patterns on the walls.

Although the layout is mostly the same, bosses have made a few slight structural tweaks. The most significant change is that, for the first time ever in BBCAN, there are now two main bedrooms, giving the houseguests more private corners in which to plot and scheme.

One is named the ‘Hundo Suite’ after season two winner Jon Pardy’s catchphrase, while the other is dubbed the ‘19199 Suite’ after ex-houseguest Talla Rejaei’s hilarious slip-up in the season one maze competition.

As always, the Head of Household will be able to oversee the action from their own private quarters – while the Have Nots will suffer in the less comfortable ‘Honeymoon Suite’.

Browse pictures of the new-look casino-themed BBCAN4 house below:

Elsewhere, the staircase to the bottom floor has been moved to the adjacent wall, arriving at the cocktail bar-style kitchen. Houseguests can also now access the pool from the living area after a small corridor was added linking the two.

The indoor backyard may prove daunting, as bosses have ditched the astroturf lawn for a ’35th floor patio’ vibe with additional seating and a pool table. Meanwhile, the outdoor hot tub area – the only part of the house in the open air – is now a nightclub, complete with “arena-sized” disco ball.

Finally, the Vault from BBCAN3 has now become the ‘High Roller Room’. Decked out with padded walls and sunken sofas surrounding a giant touchscreen, host Arisa Cox promises that it’s “where so many risks will be taken this season”.

Last week the identities of the fourteen new Canadian houseguests were revealed, including the CEO of a beauty line, a YouTuber with 5million subscribers, and the oldest candidate yet.

However, they won’t be the only people living in the house – as a twist will see two familiar faces from global versions of Big Brother enter as wildcards. Fans can choose from four candidates, including BBUK legend Nikki Grahame and BBAU champion Tim Dormer.

BBCAN4 premieres on Wednesday at 9.00pm ET/PT on Global.

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