UK’s Nikki Grahame taking part in BBCAN4 wildcard twist

Fans can vote for two international favourites to enter Big Brother Canada house
6 comments - Posted on February 23 2016 at 01:35pm

Big Brother Canada 4 international wildcard hopefuls - Jase Wirey, Tim Dormer, Veronica Graf, Nikki Grahame

Big Brother Canada has confirmed that its fourth season will feature two former housemates from international versions of the show as ‘wildcards’ – with the UK’s Nikki Grahame and Australia’s Tim Dormer among the candidates.

Four familiar faces from around the globe – two male and two female – are in the running to play the game when BBCAN returns to Global for its latest run next week.

Big Brother UK is being represented by fan favourite Nikki Grahame, known for her epic Diary Room rants, who last year returned to the show as one of the ‘legends’ for the Time Warp twist.

She originally rose to fame in BBUK’s seventh series in 2006 and later took part in Ultimate Big Brother in 2010 – meaning BBCAN4 would be her fourth full-time stint on Big Brother.

However, she would have to adjust to BBCAN’s radically different format, which involves houseguests competing for power and voting to evict each other – with no public vote involved.

Meanwhile, the Australian candidate is Tim Dormer – who, as the champion of BBAU’s tenth series, is the only winner in the line-up. He is known for his mischief-making and strategic gameplay moves – which once saw him put himself up for eviction.

The other hopefuls are Veronica Graf, who is described as the “most famous and talked-about” housemate in the history of Grande Fratello Italy, and Big Brother USA season five and all-stars competitor Jase Wirey, who is said to be looking for “redemption” on BBCAN.

Fans can vote for the female and male they want to become the wildcards now on the official website at – and anyone can take part (no matter where you are in the world), so we encourage you to get involved!

Voting closes on Thursday 3rd March at 3.00pm ET – the day after the season premiere. The two candidates with the most votes will enter the house in its first week.

Christine Shipton, SVP content for Global’s parent Shaw, said: “We’re very excited to be introducing this new aspect to Big Brother Canada which has never been done in any country before.

“The addition of the international wildcards makes this season especially unique and unpredictable. Big Brother follows different house rules in each country and these worlds are about to collide!”

Big Brother Canada season four premieres on Wednesday 2nd March at 9.00pm ET/PT on Global.

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6 comments on this article

  1. zakman440 says:
    Tue 23 Feb Reply !

    This could be the greatest thing to happen to any Big Brother globally tbh. If the right people get voted in (Nikki & Tim) then we could be one step closer to an international All-Stars series! Nevertheless, I’m very excited to see how this is played out.

  2. FlyBoy says:
    Tue 23 Feb Reply !

    This is why BBCanada is the best and will remain the best. Holy crap thats a huge twist..

  3. LayZs8n says:
    Wed 24 Feb Reply !

    I’m in Canada and I voted for Nikki and Tim! If this doesn’t happen I will lose all faith in my fellow Canadian’s judge of character. These two are BB TV GOLD!

  4. Jake says:
    Wed 24 Feb Reply !

    Nikki and Tim would be amazing! I’m so into it…not that I needed another reason to be excited about Big Brother Canada, of course!

  5. YoungsterJoey says:
    Wed 24 Feb Reply !

    Wow, I’m severely impressed with BBCAN doing this! I almost didn’t recognize Veronica with the blonde hair.

    Although, wtf Jase? That hair.

  6. Brekkie says:
    Wed 24 Feb Reply !

    I should love this twist but I don’t – partly because there are far better HMs that could be put forward from BBUK that would really suit the Canadian format (this should be slick man Vic’s time to shine!) and partly I think because I hate it when pre-season rumours turn out to be true – shows the producers creativity isn’t what it was.

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