bbspy Big Brother Awards: International winners revealed!

Find out what you voted the best bits of Big Brother Canada and USA from 2015
9 comments - Posted on March 5 2016 at 02:25am

bbspy Big Brother Awards 2015 - Nominations

It’s time to celebrate the best (and worst) of Big Brothers Canada, USA and more from 2015 as we reveal who you voted as the international winners in the latest bbspy Awards!

bbspy Big Brother Awards 2015 - Nominations

As always, 2015 was a crazy year for the world’s biggest reality TV show. Big Brother Canada’s housemates were kept on their toes as bosses went all-out for the most twisted season yet, while Big Brother USA did the opposite, ditching its season-long ‘BB Takeover’ twist after three weeks.

There was no Big Brother Australia, with a continued silence from Channel 9 suggesting that it is sadly facing the axe once again – but the show finally made it to the world’s most populous country, China, which made BB history with the first ever series to be broadcast exclusively online.

As usual, we invited you, our loyal readers to help us pick the best and worst bits of the Big Brother year for our annual bbspy Awards. You voted in your hundreds, and it’s now finally time for the results. In this article we reveal the winners of the international categories, so without further ado, here’s our first award…

Best Twist

Big Brother 17 USA twins Liz and Julia Nolan

Winner: Twin Twist (Big Brother 17 USA, 18.40%)

2nd: Triple Eviction (Big Brother 3 Canada, 14.93%)
3rd: Have Not Superpower (BB3 Canada, 12.50%)
4th: Gran Hermano Spain/Big Brother Mexico housemate exchange (11.46%)
5th: All houseguests nominate, public evict (BB3 Canada, 9.38%)

A collective sigh was breathed by viewers of Big Brother USA when it was revealed that bosses had decided to bring back not one but two twists last year – though while Battle of the Block flubbed just as everyone expected it to, we were pleasantly surprised with the Twin Twist mark two.

Created by BBUSA in 2004 and since repeated numerous times globally, the twin twist sees one person repeatedly swap places with their identical twin under the other housemates’ noses for the first few weeks, until they both join the game as separate players.

On its first outing in the US, the Twin Twist fizzled out quickly, with sisters Natalie and Adria lasting just three weeks in the house together before they were evicted one after the other.

But last year, their successors Liz and Julia came clean – and it proved to be a smart move, as their alliance protected them, realising they’d eventually have an extra vote. Once they were both in the house, Julia survived eight evictions before she was axed, and Liz went all the way to the final two.

Big Brother USA has been tired for a while now – it often feels like all the producers are capable of is throwing around a few rehashed ideas and seeing what sticks. Thankfully for them, you have decided the Twin Twist stuck the second time around – but fingers crossed they’ll think outside the box and come up with something more groundbreaking this year.

Turn over to page 2 below for the Best International Series result!

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9 comments on this article

  1. Mitch says:
    Sat 05 Mar Reply !

    Julie Chen as best presenter?? ummm excuse me? who the heck is voting in these polls… Arisa is wayyyyyy better. smdh @ all these ‘muricans just voting for their own country

    • tv reality says:
      Sat 05 Mar !

      i have to agree julie chen is a terrible presenter

  2. FlyBoy says:
    Sat 05 Mar Reply !

    BBSpy this year your awards flopped like the civilian BBUK series. NEXT! :down:

  3. Luke says:
    Sat 05 Mar Reply !

    What a bizarre set of results.

  4. Brekkie says:
    Sat 05 Mar Reply !

    Agree some odd results here considering Canada delivered one of the best ever series in worldwide Big Brother history whilst BBUSA had their worst season for years.

    For what it’s worth my vote (all Canada):
    Best Series: Big Brother Canada 3
    Best Presenter: Arisa Cox
    Best Twist: Have Not Superpower
    Best Moment: Johnny Mac’s Diary Room entries (BB17 USA, 13.28%)
    Best Male Housemate: Godfrey
    Best Female Housemate: Brittany
    Best Gameplay: House evicting Jordan
    Worst Gameplay: Zach nominating Jordan and not saving him

    Really though internationally the show really needs to step up. It’s in an awful lull at the moment where twists (and editing styles) that have failed in multiple countries are still getting recycled in others. The pairs twist from the final season of BB Australia is still doing the rounds and pretty much bombing everywhere, whilst to my knowledge nobody is yet to rip off the brilliant Vault twist from BB Canada, something which could easily work with the regular public vote format too.

    • Brekkie says:
      Sun 06 Mar !

      Forgot to edit the Best Moment category which would have been Godfrey’s speeches, both “This ain’t no lovers paradise” and “You’re blood on these hands”.

  5. FlyBoy says:
    Mon 07 Mar Reply !

    BBCanada not sweeping these awards makes this invalid.

  6. Hayden says:
    Wed 13 Jul Reply !

    Lol the UK won NOTHING.

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