bbspy Big Brother Awards 2016: International results revealed

Here are your best (and worst) bits from Big Brother Canada and USA!
5 comments - Posted on February 27 2017 at 11:30pm


Big Brothers Canada and USA both had hugely exciting seasons last year – but how did they do in our Big Brother Awards for 2016? It’s time to reveal the results of the international categories!

While BBUK’s promise that “the game is changing” failed to prove true last year, their rivals across the pond certainly did raise the bar.

Canada welcomed Big Brother icons from around the world for a blockbuster twist, and gave us the first ever attempt at a Bedsit-style twist in the American BB format. Meanwhile, in addition to the usual broadcast run, the USA threw us a curveball with its first ever internet-exclusive ‘Over The Top’ edition, featuring huge changes that made it a massive hit with CBS All Access viewers.

But how did they fare with you, our discerning readers? This is our fourth annual Big Brother Awards poll, and it was by far the biggest yet, with over double the amount of votes compared to last year’s ceremony.

Now it’s time to find out which houseguests, twists and turns have been voted as the winners of our international gongs (don’t worry, we’ve triple checked – none of them are going to La La Land!)

Best Host

Arisa Cox on BBCAN - Someone is always watching

Winner: Arisa Cox (Big Brother Canada, 48.12%)

2nd: Julie Chen (Big Brother USA, 40.23%)
3rd: Sarah Hanlon (Big Brother Canada Side Show, 7.50%)
4th: Peter Brown (Big Brother Canada Side Show, 4.14%)

bbspy says: Yay! She debuted in third and has finished as runner-up twice: now Big Brother Canada’s Arisa Cox is finally victorious in our Best Host category.

While it’s obvious that Julie and UK presenter Emma Willis are big fans of Big Brother, the best thing about Arisa is that she goes above and beyond.

Every time Arisa takes to the stage to unveil BBCAN’s latest twist, you can tell she’s genuinely in her element (for example, during the International Wildcard reveal – “This is so awesome!”).

In fact, she’s pretty much one of us, so to speak: she’s constantly chatting with her fans and followers on Twitter (@arisacox), and sharing her thoughts not just on Big Brother but other reality TV shows, such as Survivor.

BBCAN is perfect in so many ways – having a proper superfan as its host is the icing on the cake.

Special mention and commiserations to Peter Brown, who has lost the battle of the Side Show hosts this time after his former partner-in-crime Gary Levy was replaced with Sarah Hanlon. Worse still, there won’t even be a Side Show this year: Global has decided to cancel it ahead of season five. Where are we gonna get our behind-the-scenes fix now!?

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5 comments on this article

  1. Me says:
    Tue 28 Feb Reply !

    The fact that Paulie and Zakiyah came second in their polls disgusting.

  2. Jeremy Johnston says:
    Tue 28 Feb Reply !

    There is no possible scenario where Paulie or Jason should EVER be considered a good contestant. And who voted for Danielle Lickey and Zakiyah on the female list. This is the worst possible list I can imagine.

  3. Stefani Alvarez says:
    Tue 28 Feb Reply !

    :down: :down: :down: PAULIE??? JASON!? Are you kidding!?

  4. lanky says:
    Thu 02 Mar Reply !

    Jason’s result is fine, but it’s irritating to see the Zaulie stans out in force, especially seeing as it robbed Paul of a top three placing – thank goodness they didn’t win. That aside this is a much better set of results than last year – BBCAN4 was utterly perfect.

  5. Josh says:
    Fri 03 Mar Reply !

    I’m not bothered by Paulie and Zakiyah coming in second. They can’t hold a candle to the legends that are Tim and Nikki.

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