BBAU: Lina, Penny and Priya out in triple eviction

5 comments - Posted on November 25 2014 at 10:36pm

Big Brother Australia 2014 housemates - Priya

Lina Grant, Penny Higgs and Priya Malik have been turfed out of Big Brother Australia 2014 in a triple eviction just 24 hours before the final.

Six days after viewers begun voting for their favourite housemates to win, Lina – who arrived on Day 49 as one of the ‘four from next door’ – became the seventeenth evictee.

“It’s insane, it’s never happened before, intruders have never made it to the final week,” she said in her interview with host Sonia Kruger.

On avoiding being nominated, she added: “The first week, perhaps the housemates assumed the others nominated me and I slipped through. The second I think I was lucky.”

Lina’s fellow intruder Penny was next out the door, saying of her experience: “The tasks were crazy, Big Brother throws us in to things you can never imagine. Everyone talks about you and it makes you paranoid.”

Having survived six previous evictions, Priya’s luck then finally ran out as she left in fourth place. Reacting to her exit, she commented: “I knew this moment would come, I just didn’t know when. I’m excited I got that close.”

Priya was shown footage of other housemates criticising her ‘teacher-like’ attitude, with the 27-year-old responding: “Let’s face it, when you’re a teacher you will be called a control freak. I try to avoid that but sometimes you do fall in to that zone because that’s what you do every day. I think it’s the same in every profession, if you’re a nurse you’re caring by nature.

“The way David meant it was more of a negative stereotype. It’s kind of offensive when that happens because that’s not all that I am.”

She then explained that her bitching and confrontative nature was part of her gameplan, laughing: “I’m seriously unapologetically Priya, that’s been my mantra!

“You have to have some sort of a strategy, I’ve been strategic since day one. I always told people, if you haven’t told me something in confidentiality, don’t expect me to keep it confidential.”

The triple eviction leaves Ryan, Skye and Travis fighting it out to win Big Brother Australia 2014 and take home the $200,000 prize fund. The champion will be revealed tomorrow in a bumper live finale show.

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5 comments on this article

  1. Sam2 says:
    Wed 26 Nov Reply !

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just gonna pretend Big Brother took a gap year between 30 January 2014 and 31 December 2014. Hopefully 2015 will be a better year for Big Brother…

  2. DarkStar says:
    Wed 26 Nov Reply !

    Big Brother Canada was the only good BB to air this year. Was a flop year for BB for sure.

  3. Sam2 says:
    Wed 26 Nov Reply !

    Na, I gave up on that one as well. It was good until Slice went on their massive rampage and started pulling content left, right & centre. That pretty much killed it for me as I wasn’t going to mess around setting up a VPN.

    The live feeds were good while they lasted though
    and going by Allison & Alec’s tweets, they seem like a pretty decent bunch outside the house as well.

  4. Sam2 says:
    Tue 02 Dec Reply !

    Finally all is not lost for reality TV this year. That Jimmy idiot getting voted first out of the jungle is a result! :up:

  5. PriyaMalik says:
    Tue 02 Dec Reply !


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