BBAU: Leo, David evicted ahead of final week

1 comment - Posted on November 19 2014 at 12:58am

Big Brother Australia 2014 housemates - David

Ryan ‘Leo’ Burke and David Hodis have been evicted from Big Brother Australia 2014 as the series enters its final week.

Last week saw friends and family members complete the last round of nominations, alongside Travis, who as Head of House was the only housemate to take part.

In a surprise result, David, Leo, Priya, Ryan and Skye were put up for eviction, meaning the most recent newcomers Lina and Penny managed to escape the public vote.

Monday’s live show saw Leo become the fifteenth evictee, telling presenter Sonia Kruger that he was “a bit surprised” to be out of the house.

“I really thought I had this one in the bag,” he admitted. “To be totally honest, I thought Priya would be sitting here right now. I’m shocked and overwhelmed, but it is the way it is.”

Leo insisted that he hadn’t faked his personality in the house, and confirmed that he was made to choose a nickname to avoid confusion with the existing Ryan in voting, explaining: “My mum used to call me Leo when I was a kid, Leo the lion, so we picked that.”

He also spoke about his rocky relationship with love interest Skye, saying: “I feel the same way about Skye as the first day I walked in to the house, I think she’s an incredibly special girl. She has this overwhelming curiosity and lust for life.

“Those walls can do funny things to you, especially nearing the end of the game, the pressure mounts and people say things. We had a chat and said we’d wait out the rest of the game as friends and see what happens on the outside. We just kind of drifted apart.”

The next night, Ryan and Skye were announced as safe, leaving David to sweat it out against his arch nemesis Priya before he was eventually given his marching orders.

“I believe I played myself, but when the opportunity arose I had to play the game,” he said, adding of his ‘Strategy Dave’ nickname: “I got christened with it so I played up to it a bit.”

On his frequent clashes with Priya, he commented: “Priya’s a great player in the game and I have the utmost respect for her, I have no ill feelings for her at all. We’re so alike and that’s why we clashed constantly. I wish her all the best in the game.”

Fans can now vote for which of the remaining housemates they want to win Big Brother Australia 2014, with the series concluding next week in three nights of live shows.

A ‘secrets and lies’ special airs on Monday, featuring Big Brother airing the final six’s dirty laundry, before three of them are booted out on Tuesday in the last eviction. The grand final then takes place on Wednesday.

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