Nine to air Celebrity Big Brother USA in Australia

Broadcaster shows first interest in BB since 2015 by airing US spin-off on 9GO
- Posted on February 6 2018 at 09:30pm

9GO promo for Celebrity Big Brother USA

Nine is to air Celebrity Big Brother USA in Australia, marking the first time in almost three years that the broadcaster has shown any interest in Big Brother.

BBUSA’s first ever Celebrity edition premieres across the pond on CBS tomorrow, with a cast including reality TV regular Omarosa, Real Housewives star Brandi Glanville, and RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Ross Matthews.

The spin-off will air on Global in Canada, as the regular version has since 2001, but fans were surprised to hear it would also be screening Down Under.

Some speculated that it had been snapped up by Network Ten, the original home of Big Brother Australia, which was acquired by CBS last year.

However, Nine has now emerged as the broadcaster behind the move, having snapped up CBBUSA for digital channel 9GO.

9GO is running a TV promo for the show, which, confusingly, does not use any of its official branding. Instead, the ad features various Celebrity and ‘civilian’ Big Brother UK eyes, followed by a stars-and-stripes recreation of the BBAU logo.

The 30-second clip also features snippets of the BBAU theme music, and teasers about the celebrity houseguests.

CBBUSA will begin on 9GO on Sunday, 11th February, four days after kicking off in the States.

This marks the first time in nearly three years that Nine has dabbled in Big Brother, after quietly dropping the Australian version in 2015.

Three series of BBAU aired on the network between 2012 and 2014, but after the latter suffered a ratings crash, the show was put ‘on the back burner’.

Nine last publicly demonstrated an interest in Big Brother in 2015, when Sonia Kruger revealed that an Aussie Celebrity edition was in development. It was later abandoned in favour of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Although Nine’s rights deal for the format is thought to have expired long ago, bosses have never officially announced BBAU’s cancellation.

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