Celeb BB evictees hijack the house ahead of back door eviction

VIDEO: Karthik, Marissa and Jordan and more return to surprise the housemates
1 comment - Posted on August 23 2017 at 06:44pm

Celebrity Big Brother summer 2017 - Evictee Karthik Nagesan returns to take over the house in hijack task

Evicted Celebrity Big Brother summer 2017 housemates including Jordan Davies, Brandi Glanville and Paul Danan have taken over the house today in a resurrection of the ‘Celebrity Hijack’ twist – which will culminate with the back door eviction.

In 2008, E4 aired a special edition of the reality show named ‘Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack’, which saw a string of famous faces ‘hijacking’ the role of Big Brother, controlling a group of talented 18 to 21-year-old housemates.

Now, to mark the final week of the current series, bosses have brought back the twist for one day only – with the evictees returning to act as the hijackers.

A task room has been transformed in to a temporary control centre, complete with screens showing several cameras in the house, and a microphone allowing them to speak over the tannoy.

First to occupy the booth was Karthik, who performed a rap as the morning alarm. “Housies, this is the one, the only, the big K. You have no idea what’s coming for you today!” he exclaimed.

“Big Brother’s been sacked, the house has been hijacked. They voted us out, but we stormed the gates – today you’re gonna welcome your ex-housemates!”

The drowsy housemates appeared confused by the news, with Sarah asking: “Do you reckon he’s actually doing this, or if he’s recorded all this?”

Celebrity Big Brother summer 2017 - Evictee Marissa Jade returns to take over the house in hijack task

Chad came up with a way to find out, proclaiming: “I want you to say t***y sprinkles. If it’s really you, Big K… t***y sprinkles.”

“T***y sprinkles,” repeated Karthik, causing everyone to cheer in laughter.

Next to take their turn was Marissa, and, having become the first evictee as a result of a killer nomination from Shaun, she had payback on her mind.

The former Mob Wives literally put him in the doghouse, making him dress up as and act like a dog.

Shaun didn’t seem to mind too much though, as while the other housemates gathered around to pet him, he joked: “Thank you Marissa, I haven’t had this sort of attention from women in about thirty years!”

However, it’s not all fun and games, as the day will conclude with the back door eviction that host Emma Willis announced during last night’s live show.

This evening, all of the returning evictees will enter the actual house for a party – which Big Brother will interrupt to reveal the result of the shock boot-out.

When the hijackers exit the house, the unlucky back door victim will leave with them.

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  1. poemgate says:
    Fri 25 Aug Reply !

    my final push done in a rap :conf:

    final 666 25.08.17

    thank you for the eve
    it was a christmas wrapping
    wu – tang clan was the receive
    100% street was karthik rapping.
    the village will normalize
    no more celebrity banging
    even alexander o’neal would criticize
    CBB poetry no longer hanging.
    its my final push
    tonight will spread like clover
    positive some graffiti scribbled shush
    the village is going to do me like ben dover.
    jemma is my plead
    unlike the tattoo this can remove
    please research my hedonistic party seed
    CBB is over its all about the village groove.

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