Big Brother 2017’s Raph blasts “problematic” outside contact tasks

Exclusive: Superfan "disheartened" by Big Brother Canada's brief hiatus
3 comments - Posted on August 14 2017 at 07:56pm

Big Brother 2017 final - Raphael Korine finishes in second place

Big Brother 2017 UK runner-up Raph Korine has told bbspy he “hated” experiencing outside contact on the show and claimed it should go “old-school” to win back viewers – while saying he was “disheartened” by Big Brother Canada’s brief hiatus.

BBUK has been criticised by die-hard fans over the past few years for repeatedly breaking its ‘no contact with the outside world’ rule by featuring several tasks based on public opinion polls and viewers’ Twitter posts.

And Raph – a dedicated member of the online BB community, who finally got to live his dream by taking part in this summer’s series – says such tasks are even worse to experience in the house.

In an exclusive interview with bbspy, he explained: “The worst day for me was when I was told the public thought I was the ‘most two-faced’. As much as outside contact can give immediate entertainment, long-term it’s problematic.

Big Brother 2017 task

“It made me be more aware of how people perceived me, and I think as such, it takes away some authenticity from housemates as it’s hard not to react off of outside contact and change your behaviour.”

Raph also said that BBUK now holds “way too many” back door evictions, and that it “would be better” for the show not to feature reality stars – although added that “it’s alright to cast one or two”, having become close friends with Ex On The Beach’s Chanelle McCleary.

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Following the ratings crash for his series – which was the first ever to have an overnight series average of fewer than 1million viewers – the psychology student reckons bosses should “make it more old-school” to win viewers back.

“I think a lot of the young generation are too keen on Ex on the Beach and Love Island that they may not be the best demographic for Channel 5 to cater to,” he commented.

Big Brother Canada 5 BBCAN5 - Arisa Cox outside the BBCAN Odyssey

Meanwhile, Raph – also a huge fan of international versions of the format – revealed he was “disheartened” to hear about Big Brother Canada’s ‘hiatus’.

While he was on BBUK, broadcaster Global announced BBCAN wouldn’t return next year – only to reverse its decision after a passionate fan campaign.

“I’m SO proud of the fandom, and I’m so glad Global have taken the show back on,” he said. “Big Brother Canada is such a good part of the BB franchise and it would be a travesty for it to be cancelled this soon!”

Raph finished in second place to Isabelle Warburton during last month’s BBUK final, securing a 22.02% share of the public vote to win.

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3 comments on this article

  1. Michael says:
    Mon 14 Aug Reply !

    Raph was a good person in the house and he was true to this self it was the best big brother ever

  2. Ewan says:
    Mon 14 Aug Reply !

    When I first discovered BBUK it was still on Channel 4 and it was such a gem to discover. I even enjoyed it during the Brian Dowling days. However, as of late the show has become a train wreck. Real shame, because it used to be the world leader.

  3. SImsfan99111 says:
    Wed 23 Aug Reply !

    I agree with Raph completely. They need to stop the back door evictions and put no reality stars in. GO back to the way C4 did it and hold open casting events in the major cities. Also bring back the live feed and stop with the OTT themes every year. A basic series would be nice with stricter rules (old C4 style rules) No outside contact of any kind what so ever, no back door evictions.

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