Big Brother holding shock double back door eviction before final

Two housemates will leave on Wednesday - even though there's just six left
12 comments - Posted on July 24 2017 at 05:46pm

Big Brother 2017 house - entrance stairs

Channel 5 has announced another shock Big Brother 2017 eviction twist which will see TWO more housemates leave the house on Wednesday – just 48 hours before the grand final.

This week has already seen a back door eviction, with either Charlotte or Isabelle saying their goodbyes this afternoon after they were nominated by Hannah and Tom in The Attic over the weekend.

But bosses are not stopping there, as today C5 revealed that another TWO housemates will be given the short shrift later this week.

Big Brother 2017 eye logo

Their departures will feature in Thursday’s highlights show, meaning they are due to exit through the back door at some point on Wednesday – only two days before Friday’s grand finale.

Fans have reacted negatively to the move on Twitter, arguing that housemates who make the final week shouldn’t be robbed of the live show experience – and questioning whether such a twist is necessary.

Following today’s eviction, there are six full housemates remaining – the same number that are typically featured in Big Brother finals.

Although Second Chance housemate Andrew is also remaining in the house until the final, last year’s conclusion featured an extra interview (with evictees Sam and Alex) while still having six finalists.

Big Brother 2017 Rylan tweet

Big Brother’s Bit On The Side presenter Rylan Clark-Neal also appeared shocked by the news, which has been confirmed by C5 in a press release.

When bbspy first posted it on Twitter this afternoon, Rylan replied: “??? Really?”

Meanwhile, a selection of ex-housemates from this series will return to the house tomorrow as part of a task.

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12 comments on this article

  1. poemgate says:
    Tue 25 Jul Reply !

    you don’t have to be beautiful to have fun – fake like her tan ? 25.07.17

    this was a eye opener
    everyone will toast
    more erected then sam’s boner
    isabelle realization was better then a sunday roast.
    it has been a learning
    from BB its the ultimate gain
    this could well have caused the turning
    isablle is already 90% less vain.
    the statement was the proof
    understanding the fun feeling
    and when isablle leaves the BB roof
    i no she will start peeling.
    this is me pleading
    tuesday morning i will do all i can
    will fake sales start receding
    isablle is beautiful so give her a staying tan.

    ( lets hope isabelle is not going home tonight ? :conf: )

  2. poemgate says:
    Wed 26 Jul Reply !

    was the day at skool a tragedy 26.07.17

    fantastic was the tuition
    on each pupil no mercy
    isabelle for getting my one vision
    not a sign from god but mr bad guy mercury.
    you all were unruly
    even mothers won’t have defended
    my support for the suspension even if done cruelly
    time to go for the one suspended.
    sitting pretty is isabelle
    a student in this university
    better then me she can spell
    don’t judge a book is proof why BB has diversity.
    only a few days left
    this school needs a revamp
    isabelle not winning will be a theft
    attention is already drifting to next weeks CBB camp.…FF5D3E469FEF87

    so happy my bell never went :heart:

  3. Oxfords says:
    Wed 26 Jul Reply !

    Oh dear “don’t know it” is at it again, disryhming is to script and out of tune is to singing.

    Tom and Kieran evicted, will leave later – from the horses mouth.

  4. Mike New says:
    Wed 26 Jul Reply !

    bbbots needs to get subtitles as I can’t understand a word goofy says. Just as well they put up the panels name or I wouldn’t know who most of them are.

  5. Mike New says:
    Wed 26 Jul Reply !

    Tom and Hannah to go. Choice
    Deborah and Kieran to go. Tactics
    Just wish they could nominate Andrew.

  6. Hannah says:
    Wed 26 Jul Reply !

    But why are channel 5 bothering?
    All they’re doing is sending the old housemates back in…….what’s the point we’ve only just got rid of gobby Chanelle, can’t they think of anything more exciting?

    • Bob says:
      Thu 27 Jul !

      I agree. Last nights show was just embarrassing to watch, all I kept thinking was, What have they done to Big Brother? This is not the same show I used to love watching.

      This to me has to be the worst series of BB I’ve ever watched and I suspect with the viewing figures that is the same for a lot of people. I wish they would just go back to basics and be Big Brother with real people and not endless “twists”

  7. Hannah says:
    Thu 27 Jul Reply !

    Not one of them deserve to win , I bet they had the gumption to add a “nobody wins” vote – the phone lines would be buzzing
    It’s been very disappointing in fact I think it’s had its day and I’m afraid even Emma and Rylan just get on my nerves now as they constantly try to tell us it’s been fabulous……they’ve lost any credibility that they had because it’s been the worst series ever 🤔

  8. Mike New says:
    Thu 27 Jul Reply !

    Who is going to win the race to the line.
    The dark horse
    The filly
    The overseas entrant
    The show pony

    My money is on the filly :up:

  9. Hannah says:
    Thu 27 Jul Reply !

    Yes Isabelle is the o let contender as far as I see it but hasn’t been a poor show ?🙁

  10. Mike New says:
    Fri 28 Jul Reply !

    Just need to win the lottery and it will be a good day. She deserved to win after throwing herself under the bus twice.
    Just a shame about the series not keeping to the values of the original idea.
    Too much booze and fags given freely. The basic budget didn’t seem to be that basic to me. What happened to rice and beans?

  11. Hannah says:
    Fri 28 Jul Reply !

    Exactly – or is rice and beans in I’m a celebrity?

    Talking of which I’ve just read the proposed “full line up” for Celebrity BB
    And I only recognise 3 of them ☹️
    ….god bring back Gary Busey and James Jordan !!!

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