Two moving to Big Brother ‘Attic’ ahead of back door eviction

Fake eviction twist will end with housemate leaving for real days before final
5 comments - Posted on July 21 2017 at 11:56pm

Big Brother 2017 - The Attic

Big Brother 2017 bosses have announced a fake eviction twist for the final week of the series – which will culminate with one more housemate getting sent packing for real on Monday.

During tonight’s show, the house lost three inhabitants, with ‘dead man walking’ Sam finally leaving before Chanelle and Ellie were axed in a double eviction.

But the rollercoaster ride didn’t end there, as afterwards Emma Willis spoke live to the housemates once more – announcing some seemingly devastating news.

Big Brother 2017 - housemates react to news they will have to evict two before the final

“Don’t get too comfortable. Later this evening, Big Brother will call a face-to-face eviction,” she said. “Two more of you will also be leaving the house tonight in a back door eviction. Good luck housemates.”

However, Emma didn’t tell them that this particular eviction would be fake.

Two victims chosen by the housemates will actually move in to ‘The Attic’ (pictured below) – where they can watch a live feed of the main house.

At the end of their time living undercover, the duo will choose two housemates to face a real back door eviction on Monday. It is unclear whether any further nominees will be chosen.

Big Brother 2017 - The Attic

A public vote will open on Sunday and close on Monday, when the person with the most votes will depart the house permanently, just days before next Friday’s series final. The result will be revealed to viewers on Tuesday’s highlights show.

Although unconfirmed, it is likely that Andrew will be immune from both the fake and the real eviction. The Scots hairdresser was told on Tuesday that he could stay in the house until the final, after his decision to evict Sam during The Steal left him as the top Second Chance housemate.

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5 comments on this article

  1. anonymous91 says:
    Sun 23 Jul Reply !

    goodbye Charlotte, ur a goner this week through the backdoor as the fake housemate you are :heart:

  2. Mike New says:
    Sun 23 Jul Reply !

    Hannah really does have a face like a slapped ass :down:

  3. anonymous91 says:
    Mon 24 Jul Reply !

    Bye Bye Charlotte, you have been whiny, stuck up, selfish, spoiled, self entitled in the house

    with 100% votes to evict you are now out the backdoor :grin:

  4. Hannah says:
    Mon 24 Jul Reply !

    I can’t believe Hannah has lasted this long, and Tom is just a wet weekend I’d prefer them to be both out for real

  5. Bob says:
    Thu 27 Jul Reply !

    What an utterly pointless “twist”!

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