Channel 5 confirms Celebrity Big Brother summer launch date

Milestone 20th series begins 1st August, Nikki Grahame to appear on In Therapy
1 comment - Posted on July 19 2017 at 05:19pm

Celebrity Big Brother summer 2017 eye logo

Celebrity Big Brother’s milestone 20th series will kick off with a two-hour live launch show on Tuesday 1st August, Channel 5 has confirmed today.

Airing at 9.00pm, the special will see Emma Willis introduce the latest batch of famous housemates as they move in to a redesigned ‘hotel’-style house – and (probably) face the first twist.

It will be followed by spin-off show Bit On The Side, presented by Rylan Clark-Neal, at 11.00pm – while fans will also be able to enjoy an hour of launch night live feed from 12.05am.

The show follows its usual schedule from Wednesday 2nd August, with the main show at 9.00pm, followed by BOTS at 11.00pm.

Oddly, there is not currently a live show billed for Friday 4th August, with a regular highlights episode instead airing at 9pm that night.

The opening week will also see Big Brother icon Nikki Grahame appear in an episode of Channel 5’s In Therapy, airing on Thursday 3rd at 10.00pm.

Earlier today, C5 released the all new CBB eye logo, which featured a gold and silver zig-zag design.

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1 comment on this article

  1. poemgate says:
    Wed 02 Aug Reply !

    a correct summary about the 15 – you decide ? 02.08.17

    tuesday was a bender
    i really am as happy as larry
    acting award goes to no eastender
    back to drama school goes barry.
    sarah was second to join
    a great reception from the crowd
    pure steak that is sirloin
    looking forward to this girl getting loud.
    playboy no1 was third
    lady’s and eye lashes will filter
    sam from chelsea arrogant is my word
    did not like you fearing being runt of the liter.
    number four is taunted
    with past house mates is alliance
    derek no’s this house is haunted
    but will BB accept his search for guidance.
    the fifth is about underhand
    to get the money she might well rob
    intrigued and marissa i want to understand
    she can join the highgate mob.
    your mind won’t boogle
    tv knowledge but will it come in handy
    our screens we can now all google
    everything but the dress went well for sandi.
    number 7 was a lad
    reality tv is a no sin
    bored already of chad
    more money equals more girls equals a no win.
    helen has no filter button
    8th in is going to be outrageous
    keep the bar open and don’t be mutton
    she is going to be absolutely fabulous.
    number nine looks like “creed” aventus
    being center of attention is karthik
    never heard of big k or seen the apprentice
    no way is he making CBB sick.
    number 10 is ironic
    the name will come in handy
    pain from housewives is not chronic
    drinking is not a problem but i will have a solution with brandi.
    one more reality star
    yet again more boredom
    a disappointment i predict will scar
    can the surprise come from jordan.
    number 12 was flannel
    trisha was like a 4 sided virtual cube
    not going to visit her channel
    praise for 1 billion views on youtube.
    unlucky for some is thirteen
    but jemma will cause conundrums
    dating app for tattooed gets no green
    but yes from ????? teeth and tantrums.
    second from last is amelia
    is she a plus or a sub-tractor
    if i watched this show i would need a healer
    sorry i missed you on xfactor.
    last in was paul
    over them all please scan
    hes been to every reality tv school
    CBB went down like a good curry and a bread danan.

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