Andrew evicts Sam, wins Big Brother’s Second Chance prize

Hairdresser £33,900 richer after booting his rival out in conclusion of The Steal
1 comment - Posted on July 19 2017 at 11:22pm

Big Brother 2017 - Andrew Cruickshanks evicts Sam Chaloner in The Steal twist

Andrew Cruickshanks has become the winning Second Chance housemate of Big Brother 2017 after he evicted rival Sam Chaloner for an £18,900 prize in the conclusion of The Steal twist.

On Sunday, Big Brother split the housemates in to two teams and announced that £20,000 had been taken from the prize fund for the series winner. The rival sides had to battle against each other to win back as much money as possible.

Yesterday, it was revealed that the Gold team, consisting of Andrew, Ellie, Hannah, Isabelle and Sam, had triumped after securing the most money.

With the Black team – as well as Kieran and Raph, who had previously been removed from the twist – watching on the screen in the lounge, the Golds were called to the task room to face a dilemma.

Each of them stood behind a podium, and Big Brother explained that the first to hit their button would get the £18,900 accumulated by both teams – but also have to immediately evict another housemate.

Andrew was the first to push their buzzer after a beep signal sounded, bagging himself the dosh – and the agonising decision.

Confirming he’d opted to evict Sam, the Scots hairdresser said: “The only thing I can think of is the person I am in the competition with. I feel really f***ing guilty.”

Therefore, Sam has now lost his housemate status. Unlike Lateysha’s shock exit last year, he didn’t have to leave the house immediately; instead, he will depart during Friday’s ‘live’ eviction show.

Big Brother 2017 - Andrew Cruickshanks evicts Sam Chaloner in The Steal twist

However, this was not all. When the Second Chance housemates arrived, they were told they’d not be eligible to win Big Brother – but the last one standing in the game would be rewarded with £15,000 from the jackpot.

Big Brother confirmed that, by evicting Sam, Andrew became the winning Second Chancer, and therefore would also receive the £15k – giving him a total prize of £33,900. He will stay in the house until next Friday’s final.

The prize fund for the series winner now stands at £65,000. The £1,100 housemates did not claw back during The Steal has been lost for good.

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  1. poemgate says:
    Fri 21 Jul Reply !

    will channel survive with her egoiste 21.07.17

    the case i will build
    as we can have a double
    her eyeballs won’t need a shield
    lets burst ellies bubble.
    hannah is a keeper
    do you adore the switch
    unlike kieran who puts me into a sleeper
    he has done nothing to enrich.
    with little back bone
    kirean really is a waste
    a total time warp zone
    time to go with haste.
    tom is similir
    with ellie and kiren he’s sailing
    obviously with BB not familiar
    sitting on the fence is failing.
    onto the perfume
    currently using egoiste
    certainly a presence in the room
    channel staying must be realistic.
    to clarify the saving
    its channel and hannah
    3 others need like channel a good shaving
    as none are worthy to be in the BB manner.

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