Big Brother’s ‘The Steal’ to end with shock eviction twist

Housemate must axe another for up to £20k - but victim won't leave instantly
9 comments - Posted on July 18 2017 at 12:00am

Big Brother 2017 - Housemates get chance to win prize money in The Steal twist

One Big Brother 2017 housemate will have to EVICT another to earn up to £20,000 in the conclusion of this week’s ‘The Steal’ twist, it’s been revealed – but unlike last year’s Annihilation, the evictee will get to stay for a few more days.

The Steal began on Sunday, when the housemates were split in to two sides – the Black team (Chanelle, Charlotte, Deborah, Raph and Tom) and the Gold team (Andrew, Ellie, Hannah, Isabelle, Kieran and Sam).

Big Brother deducted £20,000 from the winner’s prize fund – which, with the £15,000 reserved for the Second Chance housemates, now stands at £65,000 – and the teams must battle against each other to win it back.

However, housemates don’t know that one will get the chance to steal the dosh – and on tonight’s Bit On The Side, presenter Rylan Clark-Neal revealed how.

The team that earns the most will be positioned behind buzzers, and told that the first person to press their button will get to keep the money for themselves.

However, it comes with a consequence, as anyone who does take it will have to evict another housemate of their choice on the spot.

This is a repeat of last year’s Annihilation twist, which saw Jason snatch £20,000 and evict Lateysha. However, this time, bosses have put a fresh spin on it.

Although whoever is evicted will instantly become an ‘ex-housemate’, they won’t have to leave the house immediately. Instead, they can stay for a few more days as a guest – inevitably causing fireworks with the person who evicted them.

The evictee will eventually depart during Friday’s ‘live’ show – when two further housemates will be evicted, meaning three will leave in one night.

The conclusion of The Steal will take place in the house tomorrow, and the result will be revealed in Wednesday’s highlights episode, at 10.00pm on Channel 5 and 3e.

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9 comments on this article

  1. anonymous91 says:
    Tue 18 Jul Reply !

    Charlotte will be evicted today, YASSSSSS :grin: :grin:

  2. MikeDublin says:
    Tue 18 Jul Reply !

    I’ve watched every Big Brother since it started. This is the first year where I have zero interest in what’s happening, and don’t care who wins.
    The contestants are either bland or mentally unbalanced.

    • Bob says:
      Wed 19 Jul !

      Absolutely agree Mike. Not one person stands out as a winner. Got to be the most manufactured series I’ve seen. I mean how many times have you seen these people nominate, hardly at all.

  3. poemgate says:
    Wed 19 Jul Reply !

    was tuesdays show erotic ? 19.07.17

    tuesdays show was beneath
    no where had boundary
    thankfully no tongues and teeth
    but to the world was airing of laundry.
    channel was a glutton
    in the bed was reaping
    no sugar babes to press the button
    the aftermath was pain and seeping.
    the look did panic
    but was it before or after the wave
    oblivious to me preference on pubic
    overwhelming channel was the no shave.
    sam and ellie resisted
    not focusing on the lower
    even if sam’s solid pointing insisted
    tuesday failed at getting a blower.
    andrew had a pluck
    while ralph had a non sexual liaison
    pure pain was struck
    as real as john jay falling for ms gibson.
    tuesdays show was erotic
    lower regions where under scrutiny
    the money entering is pain that’s chronic
    who will take and give up immunity.

    while working on this sexual freeek of a poem i was not aware of my surroundings and i am sorry for not greeting the gm crops associate. it only clicked later and it was not dilberate. i still remember you – have faith ?

  4. Hannah says:
    Wed 19 Jul Reply !

    I don’t really want to be offensive, but your poems are shit.

    There’s no structure or rythm ….
    If your going to use rhyming words you have to balance each stanza so that the rhyme works in time with the rythm…

    Why don’t you google Pam Ayres her speciality was humour and rhyme, then it give one last shot eh?

    Otherwise I’m afraid 😳 your poems just take up room – best of luck.

  5. Bob says:
    Thu 20 Jul Reply !

    Another predictable “twist” *sigh*
    Now this series has truly cemented its place in Big Brother history as the worst Big Brother ever.

  6. MikeDublin says:
    Thu 20 Jul Reply !

    Poem gate don’t listen, your poems are better than the show they’re about

  7. Hannah says:
    Fri 21 Jul Reply !

    😂mike to be fair ….,I’m not going to dispute your point
    The poems are pretty bad….but the show is definitely worse 😂

  8. poemgate says:
    Mon 24 Jul Reply !

    I am going to twist the hammer
    because this nut is troubling
    I 100% agree with you Hannah
    going against mike from dublln.
    with BB I am a addict
    live sleep and adore
    I am sorry for the pain I inflict
    but you are welcome to screw this village whore.
    one week is left
    and I will move my lodging
    Hannah may welcome this theft
    bbspy will have no poetry hence the no dodging.


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