Four ‘Hunt’ victims in Big Brother double eviction danger

Housemates will get to evict Chanelle, Isabelle, Simone or Sue in latest twist
6 comments - Posted on July 12 2017 at 11:51pm

Big Brother 2017 - 'The Hunt' victims Chanelle McCleary, Isabelle Warburton, Simone Reed and Sue Evans

Chanelle, Isabelle, Simone and Sue are facing this week’s Big Brother 2017 double boot-out following ‘The Hunt’ – while a twist will see housemates get the power to evict one of the nominees.

This week, bosses ditched the usual nominations format for a four-part task named ‘The Hunt’. The loser of each part was automatically put up for eviction.

Part one was a game of Pass the Parcel, with housemates taking turns to choose another to unwrap a layer of the parcel. Chanelle unwrapped the ‘target’ layer, earning her a place on the chopping block.

A quiz then saw housemates guess the subjects of a series of mean Twitter posts. Correct answers would enable them to eliminate one of their opponents’ three lives. Simone lost all of her lives first, putting her in the firing line.

Part three came down to Sam and Isabelle, who had to decide between themselves who should face eviction. Isabelle bit the bullet and put herself up, reasoning that she’d been in the house longer than Sam.

Finally, the first three victims chose Sue to join them as the fourth nominee.

Chanelle, Isabelle, Simone and Sue are now facing a double eviction – but as Channel 5 confirmed earlier this week, it will occur in two parts.

The public vote to evict is now open, and will close tomorrow (Thursday) at 11.59pm. Moments later, whoever received the most votes will ‘disappear’ from the house instantly in a shock back door exit.

The result of this will not be revealed until Friday’s live eviction show, during which a further twist will take place.

Presenter Emma Willis will enter the house to reveal the two nominees with the next most public votes. It will then be up to the housemates to decide which of them will become the second evictee.

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6 comments on this article

  1. poemgate says:
    Thu 13 Jul Reply !

    thursday night – poetry will decide 13.07.17

    this is very tricky
    we do have a dilemma
    it is no dock that’s hickory
    not sure who i want to meet emma.
    i will build the case
    on who i want to sell
    it would be a travesty and disgrace
    priority is to save isabell .
    channel has a motor
    but what is behind the camouflarge
    these turrrets outburst get no quot-er
    she is as vital to BB as is homma to marge.
    2 new fish are left
    not sure who i want to loose
    in my op-ion auntie sue sue is a bigger theft
    but has poetry concluded a simone choose.

  2. anonymous91 says:
    Thu 13 Jul Reply !

    of course Chanelle will stay for her revenge mission next week against the villain Charlotte, who will have her eviction coming next week finally

  3. poemgate says:
    Fri 14 Jul Reply !

    has sam has lost his isaBALLS ? 14.07.17

    down in my estimation
    sam has no back bone
    rising quicker then inflation
    only thing lowering was simone.
    a beautiful response
    isabell took it like no ship to rocks
    loved seeing ellie explaining about fonts
    realizing sam has no follocks.
    tempers did boil
    having a hissy was sam
    a bit of a reaction like bodie and doyle
    its no i’m your man by wham.
    loved the psychology
    sue was spot on examining
    simone needed no dissecting in biology
    cold facts were slamming.
    it was a nice gesture
    but sam was the ultimate sucker
    standing proud with a bigger posture
    isabell played sam like a ball less plucker.

    ( not sure last word spelt correct F ! no L )

  4. poemgate says:
    Sat 15 Jul Reply !

    i judged simone – sorry dot cotton ! 15.07.17

    what a bombshell
    a dot cotton phrase i clone
    for judging people i should go to hell
    please accept my apology simone.
    it now all makes sense
    the penny was the drop
    not at all silly or dense
    a life surrounded by the deadly crop.
    clear is now the mechanism
    simone was going despair
    not going to give any criticism
    adding up is the playing with the hair.
    sue also got the boot
    on me she was starting to drain
    absolutely nothing at the root
    not occurring is any hurricane.
    my lady was saved
    it was a late but all ended swell
    going to the studio to get it engraved
    on my head is the number to win for isabell.

  5. Oxfords says:
    Mon 17 Jul Reply !

    It looks as if the Webmaster here has deseted the site, it hasn’t been updated for days, is it because of boring comments including people breaking into illegible amatuer poerty.
    BB had the lowest ever viewing audience last night, Sunday – 600,000 odd watched.
    This bunch of HM’s are the most boring in the long series of BB. One week on Friday cannot come soon enough, give the out of tune song bird and undeserving winner, Channelle the cash and get onto the CBB series hoping it will be more enertaining.

    • Matt says:
      Mon 17 Jul

      Let’s just say we’re counting down the days until CBB…

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