Big Brother housemate to leave on Thursday in double eviction twist

Back door boot-out followed by Emma Willis entering the house for second exit
6 comments - Posted on July 10 2017 at 04:28pm

Big Brother 2017 - Emma Willis presents first live eviction

One housemate will be kicked out of the Big Brother 2017 house on THURSDAY as part of this week’s double eviction, Channel 5 has announced today.

On Friday, after Joe Quaranta become the fifth evictee of the series, host Emma Willis announced that two more housemates would leave this week.

However, today it has been revealed that it will not be a straightforward double eviction – with bosses instead splitting it in to two parts.

Similarly to last year’s Annihilation week, the first part will see one housemate exit without fanfare in a shock backdoor eviction on Thursday night. The result will not be made public until it airs as part of the highlights on Friday.

Part two will then take place during Friday’s supposedly ‘live’ show, when Emma will ENTER the house for the second eviction, before interviewing both evictees in the studio as normal.

It is currently unclear which housemates face eviction this week, or how the results of these evictions will be decided.

Beginning last week, Channel 5 has moved the Friday night eviction shows to 10.00pm. Although they are billed as ‘live’, the new later timeslot means they now air on a delay of around 20 minutes.

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6 comments on this article

  1. Oxfords says:
    Tue 11 Jul Reply !

    How can the show be on a 20 minute time lag when voting is still taking place during the show, in the 20 minute slot after the vote closes those that vote then are too late if the show is that amount time behind, it doesn’t make sense.
    I do wonder why the show is now at 10pm, I supect OFOM in this, as I have said before they meddled with the Sky telephone prostitutes ordering cover up until after 10pm when the watershed for adult viewing is 9pm, other channels show nudity at or just after 9pm, but it seems OFCOM like to slap down some broadcasters, well they have to do something to warrant they huge salaries!

  2. poemgate says:
    Tue 11 Jul Reply !

    I hope its not channel – here is my case

    no fragrantica we judge channel 11.07.17

    not my specialty
    only cross dress dress on the weekend
    due to chanelle i question morality
    this product no one can defend.
    it is very flamboyant
    always dressed to flag
    the make up and hair dominant
    can i label her queen of drag.
    so what is the fragrance
    will you drop into a coma
    it is vicious with vengeance
    hitting you is the deadly aroma.
    very self centered
    its leaving a nasty stain
    record of achievements this will be entered
    please call channel miss vain.
    now the crumble
    its clocking up mileage
    not expecting a apology that’s humble
    bitterness is channels only silage.
    fragrantica is down graded
    channel and BB must not budge
    self obsessed is whats invaded
    is it hypercritical of me to judge.

    if you want to get a good review on what fragrance you are looking for i strongly recommend this website

  3. Bob says:
    Tue 11 Jul Reply !

    It just gets worse and worse for Channel 5 and Big Brother. Such a shame they are ruining this show.

  4. poemgate says:
    Wed 12 Jul Reply !

    I am liking this one bob.

    has isabell done herself justice ? 12.07.17

    gone up like a rocket
    a magician waving a wand
    no power from the socket
    is proof shes no ditsy blond.
    isabell has balls that are gigantic
    i admit i have less
    charlotte now has gone organic
    was mother love a bless.
    oompa loompas is the return
    we need a bit of elton
    now a sacrifice that did burn
    connecting to isabell did tighten.
    a act that was selfless
    must have been excruciating
    just like the local chemist stock tan-less
    isabell now has huge calculating.
    tuesdays end was no loner
    laughing at the problem that did arise
    classic was sams boner
    but ringing my isabell is my only exercise.

  5. anonymous91 says:
    Wed 12 Jul Reply !

    i love Charlotte

    and i so want Sue and Simone to be evicted this week

  6. Bob says:
    Wed 12 Jul Reply !

    Get Chantelle out, that’s what I’ll be shouting when I’m stood in the crowd. So far I believe Chantelle and Simon are up for eviction.

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