Endemol “really positive” about Big Brother despite low ratings

Boss Peter Salmon speaks amid claim BB could go abroad to emulate Love Island
10 comments - Posted on July 6 2017 at 01:08pm

Big Brother 2017 live set

A senior boss at Big Brother 2017 production company Endemol Shine has said he’s “really positive” about the show’s future, after it suffered a ratings crash in a rivalry with Love Island.

The current ‘civilian’ series is the first ever to consistently rate below the million mark in the overnights, with its average currently standing at 900,000 viewers.

It is seen as being in a ratings war with similar ITV2 show Love Island, which this summer has achieved record numbers of up to 2.1million viewers.

Endemol Shine UK

Now, Peter Salmon, chief creative officer of the global Endemol Shine Group, has tipped his hat to Love Island – and suggested that Big Brother will need to change to keep up with its rival.

“I think Love Island has been sensational,” he said. “If Big Brother is not on top form, we have to keep changing it. You have got to get at it creatively to think what its next manifestation will be.”

Despite the low ratings, he added: “I am really positive about the future.”

Salmon’s comments came in a Daily Star article claiming that the BBUK house could be moved to a more exotic location abroad to make it more attractive – similar to Love Island’s sunny Spanish setting.

ITV2 Love Island logo

Bosses are also said to be considering casting more ‘eye candy’ as housemates in a bid to lure younger viewers back to the show.

When Salmon – who was previously the director of BBC Studios – was asked about the story, he responded: “Listen, we should not rule anything out.”

However, it is extremely unlikely that this rumour will prove true.

Endemol has another year left on its agreement with the local council for the current Big Brother house, at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire – and last year work was completed on a costly extension of the building.

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10 comments on this article

  1. Mike New says:
    Thu 06 Jul Reply !

    Syria is quite warm all year round.

  2. MikeDublin says:
    Fri 07 Jul Reply !

    It looks like a massive bin bag has blown onto the set in that pic.

  3. Bob says:
    Fri 07 Jul Reply !

    Its so simple yet they just can’t see it which I find really odd. T
    ake Big Brother back to it’s roots, mainly not giving them outside contact, having real people, not giving them booze every night, making the shopping tasks meaningful

  4. SImsfan9911 says:
    Fri 07 Jul Reply !

    If they make big brother into Love Island i will stop watching. Plus by the looks of it its going in a direction im not interested in seeing. We need real people in there not more pretty people.

  5. Hannah says:
    Fri 07 Jul Reply !

    Absolutely we need real normal people that have never appeared on ANY television show beforehand.
    Make them work together to have anything remember when they had to add up and manually calculate the shipping list ? That was quite funny watching who took control of the shopping and budget, thru had to wash their own clothes they had to grow veg and keep chickens , everything had to be done together for us to watch the dynamics . Booze was treat not an intravenous medicine!!
    And I don’t remember them having all the beauty products and electrical appliances.
    But it will never happen on a commercial station particularly ch5 because statistics dictate that the demographic of the voting public want a structured reality sex show not an experimental snapshot of regular people trying to live together.

  6. DavidP says:
    Sun 09 Jul Reply !

    “Real” people are often dull and unattractive. Love Island has people who are attractive and likable. It doesn’t matter if they’ve appeared on television before. What matters is the mix of characters. Always has been always will be.

    Spencer and Alex from BB3 were good looking men who could have appeared on Love Island. The show needs good looking men, good looking women, and some eccentric characters along with them.

    It also needs a 24/7 live feed as that is what always marked Big Brother out as different. A live feed is perfect for the age of social media. But Channel 5 are either too cheap or too scared to have one.

    The show also needs a format that we can follow. All the twists over the last few years and even evicting people without a public vote has just alienated people.

  7. Brekkie says:
    Sun 09 Jul Reply !

    It’s about being relateable – the BBUK HMs are generally on the fringe of the Z-list celeb world and hence viewers don’t relate to them and hence viewers don’t watch.

    BBUSA is cast much better – they don’t skip on the attractiveness but it’s really people from across the country, and people in there who actually respect the show for what it is rather than try and use it as a platform for something else.

    • Hannah says:
      Mon 10 Jul !

      Yes I agree, the USA has a much broader spectrum of people, there used to be a show years and years ago I can’t really remember what it was called but they went to different cities such as Seattle and the sent 10 strangers to go and live together it was basically a pre curser to BB and Jersey Shore but less sex and expletives- that what we need over here’

    • Josh says:
      Sat 15 Jul !

      @Hannah could the show your thinking of be The Real World circa 1992-2002 (seasons after that year generally got more sexual and have more expletives) :wink:

      I’ve been following Big Brother globally on the net for a long time and I remember when BB was with C4 in the UK and Ten in AU it was the US version that was often bashed from going to the competition based format versus the eye on the wall format.

      To me Big Brother worldwide was at its peak ten years ago. The UK was seen as a leader in terms of twists, logo as multiple versions took ideas from the UK while Brazil often takes from the US and there was no question that BB = Live Feed.

      It is ironic how the United States holds true to more components of the original core Big Brother format than most. The English Canadian version I think is the best hands down because they kept the core format with US rules while integrating twists and tasks used from past seasons like the UK version.

      The US version has even shown that you can have people that were on other reality shows but you don’t make them more than half the cast. BB17 USA had two people that were former Amazing Race contestants which worked out for them.

      Another thing that works against the UK version (IMO) is the most recent seasons *cough* Power Trip *cough* have overtly complicated twists that roadblocks the main format from playing out naturally. I mean it is sad when you look at the Wikipedia articles and you see the nomination tables they have and underneath it the UK’s shorter seasons have more notes explaining the one off twists than the US’ longer seasons have.

      Honestly the producers of BBUK (and BB AUS if that is ever brought back again) need to look to CBS and see what works.
      -No contact with outside world
      -Live Internet Feeds
      -Diverse cast (mainly people that haven’t been on similar reality shows)
      -A twist that is not overtly complicated that roadblocks the main format from playing out naturally

      Honestly if the producers would just implement the first three points I honestly think the show has a chance.

  8. poemgate says:
    Mon 10 Jul Reply !

    how do you rate simone is the question – fantastic from me :conf:

    poker or pokerface – simone- you decide poll 10.07.17

    could i be impressed
    in poetry is my tone
    we are truly blessed
    could be a proposal for simone.
    i like the way you funk
    could it be fake
    simone was you really that drunk
    it was so genuine for god’s sake.
    you won’t be going to highgate
    residents will want to throttle
    denial did not humiliate
    we all see you with the bottle.
    deboarah and hannah try ed
    but were left gobsmacked
    in the diary room i hope you confide
    if you are playing then BB you have cracked.

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