Savannah closes in on Isabelle in Big Brother 2017 vote to evict

Latest early results reveal Irish singer's share has increased over 6% in 24 hours
3 comments - Posted on June 28 2017 at 11:34pm

Big Brother 2017 - new housemate Savannah O'Reilly

Isabelle Warburton remains the frontrunner to be evicted from Big Brother 2017 tomorrow, the latest early voting results reveal – but a major swing has seen Savannah O’Reilly take second place.

With all housemates facing the axe in this week’s eviction, yesterday, in a first for the show, bosses decided to lift the lid on how the public vote to evict was shaping up – while it remained open.

The stats revealed that, as of a vote count on Tuesday evening, Isabelle was in the lead with 35.62%, followed by Hannah on 13.01%, then Savannah on 12.97%.

However, the unprecedented twist did not end there. Prior to tonight’s main show, another count was taken – and Rylan Clark-Neal again read out the results on Bit On The Side, exposing how the voting has changed in 24 hours.

According to the latest data, Isabelle is still ahead in the poll – but her share has dropped over 6% to 29.52%.

Conversely, Savannah’s share has increased by a similar amount, to 19.57%. This now puts her in second place, with Hannah third on 13.29%.

The full results of today’s vote count follow (figures in brackets are the increase or decrease compared to Tuesday’s count):

  • Isabelle – 29.52% (down 6.1%)
  • Savannah – 19.57% (up 6.6%)
  • Hannah – 13.29% (up 0.28%)
  • Tom – 12.40% (up 0.47%)
  • Ellie – 6.83% (down 1.49%)
  • Chanelle – 6.14% (down 0.64%)
  • Joe – 4.15% (up 0.47%)
  • Charlotte – 3.11% (up 0.28%)
  • Deborah – 2.92% (down 0.23%)
  • Raph – 1.28% (up 0.34%)
  • Kieran – 0.80% (up 0.04%)

The vote for close for good during tomorrow night’s live eviction show, which will also see BB rejects Andrew, Sam, Simone and Sue enter the house as new ‘second chance’ housemates.

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3 comments on this article

  1. Northernmonkey says:
    Thu 29 Jun Reply !

    I would prefer Savannah to sod off, her or Tom, maybe Ellie.

  2. Northernmonkey says:
    Thu 29 Jun Reply !

    If not Hannah or Charlotte. In fact be done with it and evict the lot of em, then replace them with the Chan 5 production team and Rylan then nuke the gaffe :grin:

  3. Mike New says:
    Thu 29 Jun Reply !

    Despite wanting Isabelle to stay it is most unfair on Savannah that BB are obviously trying to promote Isabelle. Savannah has brought sweet FA to the party IMO and she certainly can’t sing or drink!!!

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