Love Island spin-off Aftersun beats Big Brother 2017 in ratings

New blow for Channel 5 as 'Fight Night' and Lotan ejection fail to pull viewers
6 comments - Posted on June 26 2017 at 01:49pm

Love Island: Aftersun

Big Brother 2017 is facing fresh ratings embarrassment after last night’s episode was beaten not just by Love Island, but the ITV2 show’s spin-off, Aftersun.

A last-minute schedule change saw Big Brother’s latest instalment moved to 10.00pm, after a major argument led to Lotan being removed from the house.

It was watched by an overnight average of 897,000 viewers (5,6%, including +1).

However, discussion show Love Island: Aftersun narrowly managed to top it, with 903,000 viewers (5.7%) at the same time.

The spin-off had a healthy lead-in from Love Island‘s main show, which achieved a series high of 1.61million viewers (7.6%) between 9pm and 10pm.

Big Brother’s overnight ratings have now been stuck below the million viewer mark for almost two weeks straight.

Even worse, the series average has also slipped to six figures, currently standing at just 929,000 viewers – 200,000 down on last year’s series at the same point.

However, the Channel 5 show is saving some face in consolidated or ‘official’ ratings, which account for 7 days worth of catch-up viewing.

After figures for the second week of the series were released today, the official series average is 1.39million – up 414,000 on the overnights.

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6 comments on this article

  1. Northernmonkey says:
    Mon 26 Jun Reply !

    They’ll struggle to get, and keep viewers because since Chan 5 took over they mess around too much, the chan 5 team are useless and they also cheat to keep the housemates in that they want to win.

    Been going on too long for BB to be ever be fully trusted again.

  2. Anonymous says:
    Tue 27 Jun Reply !

    I watch BB, Love Island &Aftersun. Just look forward to Love Island so much more than BB because it’s so much more entertaining. I’ve watched all of the U.S.A./CAN BB series and about 1/2 the UK, Celeb UK, & Australia BB series. I like the stratedgy based U.S.A./CAN versions over the U.K/AUS. popular vote versions. If U.S.A./CAN BB have players like Lotan, Bear, or Helen, they would just get voted out by the houseguests in the BB house because no way they put up with the crap that those nasty type of players demonstrate. Not near the amount of confrontation in U.S.A./Can versions. Players are held accountable for their actions. Playing up to the cameras does little to improve your chances of winning in the U.S.A./CAN versions, so you get houseguests being more real & you don’t question their motives on camera.

  3. Oxfords says:
    Tue 27 Jun Reply !

    I am afraid I have never watched Love Island, at 68 I am a bit long in the tooth for such a youngish show, I like BB or liked BB because it has a breadth of age groups, sadly not this year though, I think Ch5 are trying to stage LI on the UK mainland and it has failed spectacularly, it needs a range of age groups to make it interesting, if you let a bunch of kids loose in this environment, of course they will run riot.
    There is only three weeks left so it looks to a really short programme ending circa 17th July. The house needs some more mature people to balance the structure, but with such a short time left I guess it will just be wound down with the HM’s in situ. Lets hope CBB will be more interesting and entertaining, still the football season will soon be here and if you like watching the matches it will fill the entertainment gap BB leaves.

  4. Dale says:
    Thu 29 Jun Reply !

    The show gpne down sins he left

  5. Dale says:
    Thu 29 Jun Reply !

    The show gone down sins he left

    • Bob says:
      Thu 29 Jun !

      Nope, try again. *Since

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