Big Brother 2017 evictions back on Fridays – but at 10pm

New timeslot means show will have time delay, live feed has been dropped
8 comments - Posted on June 21 2017 at 07:05pm

Channel 5 logo - Big Brother 2017

Channel 5 has confirmed that Big Brother 2017 evictions will return to Fridays on 7th July – but in a later 10pm timeslot, meaning the supposedly ‘live’ show will air on a lengthy time delay.

An unexplained change means that, for the next two weeks, evictions nights will take place on Thursdays – but C5 has now confirmed in its latest listings that they will return to Fridays in July.

However, the fifth boot-out, airing in a 90-minute episode on Friday 7th July, has been shifted to 10.00pm – an hour later than the usual 9.00pm start time.

At 9pm, the network will instead air clip show ‘Best Of Bad TV: Live & Dangerous’.

  • Friday 7th July
  • 9.00pm, C5Best Of Bad TV
  • 10.00pm, C5Big Brother: Live Eviction
  • 11.30pm, C5Big Brother’s Bit On The Side

Although C5 is billing it as a ‘Live’ Eviction, the timeslot change means it will in fact run on a lengthy time delay, likely of at least an hour.

Restrictions imposed by Hertsmere Borough Council, the local authority at Elstree Studios, require the outdoor crowds that attend BB’s live events to vacate the premises by 11.00pm – half an hour before the episode will end on TV.

The normal 9.00pm-10.30pm timeslot gives bosses at least half an hour to clear the set after the broadcast ends.

This move has also affected BB’s spin-off shows. Bit On The Side will follow with a reduced 45-minute episode between 11.30pm-12.15am, while the weekly half-hour of live feed has been dropped entirely.

C5 could not confirm if evictions would remain at 10pm in the future, pointing out that schedules are subject to change weekly.

The latest schedule upheaval comes after Big Brother’s ratings fell to a new low.

Every episode for the past eight nights has limped in below the million viewer mark, while the series average is also down to six figures, at 970,000.

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8 comments on this article

  1. Oxfords says:
    Thu 22 Jun Reply !

    Goodness me Channel 5 are going out of their way to kill this programme off, from July 7th everything is canned, the whole idea of a live broadcast is the unexpected, just as with Sukvinda leaving with her husband. We will now be getting a recording of evictions starting at 10pm, sanitised, censored content, surely OFCOM must be pulling the strings on this, the viewer wants to be entertained not treated like a child, I love the outrageous and the unexpected as I would imagine most viewers of this programme. The explicit conversations are managed (censored) the epsodes of nudiy managed (censored).
    If OFCOM are putting draconian rules in, why doesn’t Channel 5 broadcast a pure version on an internet channel for those who chose to be entertained and enjoy the cutting edge rawness of live TV. Don’t know how much longer I can watch this, it has become so far detached from the script.

  2. jaon severn says:
    Thu 22 Jun Reply !

    That is it…as an avid fan from the first one I will no longer be watching. :envy: :envy: :down:

  3. Oxfords says:
    Fri 23 Jun Reply !

    Friday night……… BB eviction, no live show…….going, going, gone
    A shame, a really good programme idea being slaughtered by Channel 5 now the Yanks have taken over.
    The demise of this genre of TV is reflected in the number of people posting on this Web Site.
    Looks like the young sex lives of the likes of “Love Island” has won out together with MTV’s Geordie Shore, even permienting into I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here with the dreadful toothy, ugly, untalented Scarlotte Moffat being propelled to celebrity and other reality shows.
    Bye…………. Big Brother. It was a ball.

  4. Oxfords says:
    Fri 23 Jun Reply !

    I may as well post on here, because noone else is……… I hope you enjoy the dreadful “Liily bl**dy Savage” yuk!!

  5. Saz says:
    Sat 24 Jun Reply !

    I won’t be watching a pre recorded show, its past my bed timeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Oxfords says:
    Fri 30 Jun Reply !

    Well folks I hope you enjoy Ch5’s “best of bad TV” at 9.00 pm instead of the usual Friday night eviction. Next week Ch5 will be broadcasting junk whilst recording the live eviction at 9.00 pm, either there is something we are not being told or CH5 are just taking the BB loyal for granted. This schedule shifting is killing the programme. If Ch5 think Blind Date with “Lil” will be a hit, I think they are whistling in the wind, the ITV c**p when the dreadful Ms Black hosted was dreadful, no disrespect the dead but I could not stand the selfish and insufferable “Black” nor less the strange character hosting now, I only him as Lily Savage I cannot even recall his real name, dating shows are old hat and have been superceded by more flambouyant productions such as Love Island. Come Ch5 either show BB properly or get rid.

    • Bob says:
      Fri 30 Jun !

      Our Cilla :envy:

  7. Oxfords says:
    Sun 02 Jul Reply !

    Reading between the lines with this decision of Ch5 to “My5” BB, has two scenarios, viewing figures and this most probably the last year Emma Willis will be presenting.
    Will we even see a new series of BB commissioned in 2018, probably not, Ch5 will sink back to a maginalised channel avoided because of the poor quality of programming and recycled dregs of old fagged out media.
    Put BB on line to view, it’s not rocket science, the red tape goes, OFCOM are off your back and the viewer gets what they want.

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