Big Brother 2017 reveals its potential new housemates

Two of the three fresh faces will be chosen to join show in 'dating' twist
7 comments - Posted on June 20 2017 at 04:49pm

Big Brother 2017 - potential new housemates Sam Chaloner, Isabelle Warburton and Savannah O'Reilly

Channel 5 has revealed the three candidates competing to join Big Brother 2017 this week – including an ex of current housemate Kieran Lee, a serial reality TV star, and a ‘close friend’ of popstars Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.

Yesterday it was announced that three newbies would enter the house as part of a ‘dating’ challenge. The original housemates will get to choose two of them to stay as fully-fledged contestants – while the other will be sent home.

The identities of the candidates have now been revealed – and although Bit On The Side host Rylan Clark-Neal initially said they’d all be female, it turns out that one man and two women will compete for the spots.

Big Brother 2017 housemates - Isabelle Warburton

Isabelle Warburton, a 21-year-old from Warrington, describes herself as “funemployed” and lives off her Dad’s money, although she does help out with his business.

She hates being stereotyped and judged by “b**tchy and fake girls”, saying: “I might have fake eyelashes and bleached hair but I’m actually not a b**ch.”

While in Ibiza last year, Isabelle hooked up with current BB housemate Kieran: she says she’ll be “insulted” if he doesn’t remember her.

Big Brother 2017 housemates - Sam Chaloner

Sam Chaloner, 24 from New Mills in Derbyshire, is a construction ground worker.

His biggest passions are ‘pulling girls’ and ‘going out with the lads’: he claims he gets compared to Geordie Shore star and Celebrity Big Brother winner Scotty T.

Sam is a reality TV regular: he has previously appeared on ITV2’s Ibiza Weekender, and last year he took part in E4’s Coach Trip: Road To Ibiza and ITV dating show Meet The Parents.

Big Brother 2017 housemates - Savannah O'Reilly

Savannah O’Reilly is a 26-year-old Irish singer. She lives a jet set lifestyle, splitting her time between London, Los Angeles and Dublin.

She often parties with Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande at parties in LA and says she counts them as close friends.

Savannah also fancies Kieran, saying he’s the most “chilled out” guy on Big Brother this year. She describes herself as the “most competitive person” and wants to win the show.

The trio arrived in the house earlier today. Their entrances can be seen on tomorrow night’s highlights show at 10.00pm on Channel 5 and 3e.

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7 comments on this article

  1. DannyS says:
    Tue 20 Jun Reply !

    :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down:

    Well, apparently producers just don’t seem to get that we don’t want semi-celerities in the CIVILIAN series.
    Was actually hoping they would smarten up and bring the 3 who didn’t get entry on Launch night back.

    But I guess Channel 5 and BB Producers are thicker then we think. Sigh.
    At this point it might be better for a cancellation notice because the show is just getting worse with these poor decision.
    And the ratings seem to prove it!

    Love Island is much better this summer. Might just stick to watching that since it seems all I will be getting is Z-listers anyways.

  2. Oxfords says:
    Tue 20 Jun Reply !

    Hardly Joe public, an international singer a friend of the dreaful spoilt brat, Bieber and another male poser, far from the script of BB, it seems as if it is continuous Celebrity Big Brother. Another bunch of youngsters going into Love Island UK!! I am just flabergasted at the warped Big Brother experience we are seeing.

  3. BB-fan-ch4days says:
    Tue 20 Jun Reply !

    :down: so so so sad to see what Big Brother has turned out to be…every year it’s the generic ex reality tv stars from the crossover of the sister channels…. why don’t you stick to your words when doing promos stating it’s a social experiment back to basic… we need normal everyday people( who don’t have agents) please otherwise we can all just watch Love island and all these other shows.

  4. Tim says:
    Wed 21 Jun Reply !

    Just axe this show. I was a huge fan and have still had hope this show has some kind of a chance and have kept on watching, but I guess I have just been in denial. Channel 5 ruined Big Brother. Just cancel it.

    The fact that the housemates are getting alcohol EVERY night and we’re just watching drunken people make an absolute fool of themselves is disgusting to watch.

    And the fact that BB producers are INTENTIONALLY adding housemates from other people’s past continuously and also people who are LOOKING for a showmance, is just not Big Brother. Its Jersey Shore, but not Big Brother.

    Cancel it.

  5. M. Lowe says:
    Wed 21 Jun Reply !

    I too feel BB has slipped drastically in it’s choice of housemates. That Chanelle for instance. She is just sickening. I can no longer even watch the show if others are in the living room, the things out of her mouth are too foul to hear among mixed company.

    Greed and desperation have both influenced the changes in the path of BB. I completely agree that there are no longer ‘regular’ people on the non-celebrity shows. If it doesn’t get back on track soon I will only watch Rylan on BBBOTS. The main show BB is becoming ugly to watch. It is becoming much too foul.

  6. Hannah says:
    Wed 21 Jun Reply !

    Totally agree, but it does seem that these wanna be reality/ porn stars are getting regular ‘jobs’ on other shows that previously would not have considered having people like that representing them
    Charlotte Crosby and paul bear now have a regular slot on this morning ?!
    God forbid….. when she was on big brother she was wetting the bed and explaining why it was necessary to have her anus chemically bleached !! She’s a slut and so is he …… it’s terrible 😧

  7. anonymous91 says:
    Thu 22 Jun Reply !

    Savannah is my new fave, perfect replacement for dull and boring Charlotte

    wow and she’s so going to win this series :heart:

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