Kayleigh ejected from Big Brother for Chanelle “smack” threat

Chanelle also got final warning for knocking a glass in explosive row over Ellie
6 comments - Posted on June 17 2017 at 11:51pm

Big Brother 2017 - Kayleigh Morris paces the Diary Room after explosive argument with Chanelle McCleary

Kayleigh Morris was removed from Big Brother 2017 for threatening to “smack” Chanelle McCleary with a “sharp object” and “smash her face in” – while Chanelle has also been given a final warning for aggressively knocking a glass in their clash.

A furious row erupted in the wake of last night’s eviction, after Chanelle told Ellie she “clings to peoples’ hips” and should “make more of an effort with everyone”.

When Ellie pushed for an answer on whose “shadows” she supposedly lives in, Chanelle gestured to Kayleigh, claiming: “She does follow you around a lot.”

The two Ex On The Beach stars then began rowing over the accusation, raising their voices and accusing each other of being “hostile”.

Big Brother 2017 - Chanelle McCleary has an explosive argument with Kayleigh Morris

Tension reached boiling point when Chanelle used the side of her hand to swipe a glass off the table. Kayleigh instantly leapt to her feet, shouting: “Are you f***ing joking? Do not f***ing tip my f***ing drink.

“Get her the f*** out of here, I’ll f***ing smash her f***ing face in.”

Chanelle slid a chair across the floor and got up herself, but was dragged away by other housemates while raging: “Smash my face in? Come on then. F***ing idiot. I’m talking to Ellie and she’s getting involved. It’s nothing to do with her.”

Kayleigh was soon taken to the Diary Room by Rebecca, where she kicked and punched a wall in anger before pacing back and forth.

Big Brother 2017 - Chanelle McCleary has an explosive argument with Kayleigh Morris

“Yes, I did say I’d smash her f***ing face in,” the Port Talbot girl raged. “No-one f***ing speaks to me like that. She’s clearly not f***ing emotionally stable, her retaliation is violence.

“Best not let me back in the house with her, I swear to God… I will end up smashing her f***ing face in. Do you know how much I wanted to f***ing pick up a chair and smack her across her f***ing face?

“I’m not being in that f***ing position again, because I will do some f***ing damage. I would grab a sharp object and I would f***ing smack her with it.”

Eventually, Kayleigh was sent to the spare bedroom for the night, with Rebecca permitted to accompany her.

Big Brother 2017 - Kayleigh Morris in the spare bedroom with Rebecca Jane

Once the dust had settled, Big Brother issued Chanelle – who received her first caution earlier this week – with a final warning for her “aggressive behaviour to other housemates”.

“If Big Brother needs to speak to you about this again, then it may result in you being removed from the Big Brother house,” the eye told her.

Kayleigh was then hauled in for punishment, with Big Brother reading back quotes from both the argument and her Diary Room rant.

“Big Brother cannot permit a housemate to threaten actual violence towards another housemate,” the eye stated. “Due to your aggressive and threatening behaviour, Big Brother is left with no option other than to remove you from the house immediately.”

Big Brother 2017 - Kayleigh Morris finds out she's being removed from the house

When asked if she had anything to say, Kayleigh responded: “No. I mean, if someone’s got aggressive towards me, that’s what I do.”

Kayleigh is the fifth housemate to leave the current series in less than two weeks, following Arthur, Sukhvinder and evictees Mandy and Imran.

A statement issued by Channel 5 earlier today read: “Kayleigh has been removed from the house. Big Brother cannot tolerate threats of actual violence.”

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6 comments on this article

  1. DannyS says:
    Sun 18 Jun Reply !

    Honestly Channelle needs to be ejected too. She has actually swung her hand multiple times now. (i.e Keiran and now this.)
    Get that girl out.

    • Saz says:
      Sun 18 Jun !

      Totally agree :up:

  2. Chez says:
    Sun 18 Jun Reply !

    I’m glad Kayleigh’s gone as she clearly has anger issues. First she goes insane over a water balloon popped on her head and then threatens to smash someone’s face in, over a drink being pushed off the table. What’s next? Someone accidentally walks into her and she threatens to stab them?

  3. Saz says:
    Sun 18 Jun Reply !

    Keleigh got removed for saying il smash her face in but Chanelle said il kill you.
    They both said the same thing in a different way but only
    One got kicked out???
    Why the favouritism from big brother?? :envy:

  4. Rhiannon Evans says:
    Sun 18 Jun Reply !

    :down: :down:
    BB obviously has double standards
    Chanellle nerds to go a well as Kayleigh

  5. Hannah says:
    Sun 18 Jun Reply !

    Yes she should go ……
    Her fake left tit is called “passive”
    Her fake right tit is called “aggressive”

    …… she was going to get their names tattooed on them …but she couldn’t spell the words , and then of course Kayleigh pointed out that she had those fake tits first and why should Chantelle end up with them ??? It really upset her so they both threw chairs at each other…….
    10 hours later they realised there was no where to sit !!!! 😂😂

    Chanelle ?? My god we should rename her Primark….. get her out too awful plastic creature

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