Big Brother 2017 removes Kayleigh over ‘threats of violence’

Ex On The Beach star fifth housemate out of current series in less than two weeks
13 comments - Posted on June 17 2017 at 04:16pm

Big Brother 2017 housemates - Kayleigh Morris

Kayleigh Morris has been removed from the Big Brother 2017 house, Channel 5 has confirmed this afternoon.

In a statement, the broadcaster said the Ex On The Beach star was ejected by producers over “threats of actual violence”, although the exact details of her departure are yet to be revealed.

“Kayleigh has been removed from the house,” a show spokesperson said. “Big Brother cannot tolerate threats of actual violence in the Big Brother house. This will be covered in tonight’s show at 9pm,ย Channel 5.”

This summer’s series has now lost five housemates after less than two weeks on air – with three of those being unexpected ‘shock’ exits.

Shortly after Mandy became the first evictee of the series last week, Arthur left the house in mysterious circumstances. He later said he felt “bullied and isolated” by the other housemates.

Last night, Sukhvinder Javeed then quit the show voluntarily by walking out the front door with her husband Imran, who was voted out in the second eviction.

Kayleigh was one of six housemates who faced the public vote this week, although she was saved by viewers.

Tune in to C5, or 3e in Ireland, tonight at 9.00pm to see how Kayleigh’s ejection occurred.

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13 comments on this article

  1. Anne says:
    Sat 17 Jun Reply !

    About time. Channel five directors – you should be ashamed of yourselves letting the filthy language happen all the time.
    How about in the next BB “YOU” fine each housemate who uses the F & C to live on poor rations for at least a week, or sort some punishment. (Well, that’s if there is another B&B!)
    You are really letting our country down by allowing this to go ahead.
    We need our younger folk to show respect and expect to receive it back. This includes using non-offensive language.
    Surely YOU would prefer a better use the f our language!
    Regards to you from Anne D.

    but doubt if I’ll get an individual reply back.

  2. Lori says:
    Sat 17 Jun Reply !

    Thank goodness Kayleighs gone Her behaviour has been appalling,combined with a foul mouth and bad temper,I love BB and watch every series,this has made me feel like not tuning in to future series.I ve been feeling sorry for all housemates affected by Kayleigh
    Maybe now shes been removed,the house will calm and be the fun entertaining show I ve come to love.

  3. Mike New says:
    Sat 17 Jun Reply !

    She really was a piece of work so no real surprise.

  4. Saz says:
    Sat 17 Jun Reply !

    Keleigh Morris has been removed from the big brother house in today’s episode for violence and threatening behaviour, WHY HASN’T CHANELLE MCCLEARY BEEN REMOVED ASWELL? She also did the same BUT SHE STARTED THE VIOLENCE FIRST, to which Keleigh then RETALIATED..
    Chanelle got ONLY a FORMAL WARNING???
    This is UNACCEPTABLE, I’m sorry but if one is removed the other needs to be removed they BOTH done the same thing but Chanelle STARTED THE WHOLE VIOLENCE OFF BY THROWING THE CAN ON KELEIGH!!!
    And if you watch it again you will see Chanelle is the COURSE OF THE VIOLENCE NOT KELEIGH

    :envy: I am Soooo angry :envy:
    I might just stop watching it now

  5. MikeDublin says:
    Sun 18 Jun Reply !

    Missed the show. What did Kayleigh say?

    • Saz says:
      Sun 18 Jun !

      Hi mike, basically she was saying that she’s guna smash her face in but the thing is Chanelle also said that she was guna kill her. Just Before all that though Chanelle through Keleighs drink so basically was Chanelles fault but Keleigh got removed.
      Doesn’t make sense to me :envy:

  6. Hannah says:
    Sun 18 Jun Reply !

    They are both filthy mouthed dirty creatures!
    The only decent one in there seems to be Raph, hopefully Chantelle will be out next

    • Saz says:
      Sun 18 Jun !

      Yeh Hannah agree, but just feels like big brother were picking on Keleigh from the start, they knew about the Charlotte thing and then on purpose put Marnie in to set her off, knowing she already having probs with suki. They pushed her right to the edge on purpose for entertainment purposes then when they got a reaction they removed her for reacting?
      Seems to me they picked on this girl only to make ratings higher coz they lost ratings on Tuesday.

      Then aired that someone got removed and everybody tuned in to see who it was

      I am not happy at all even if they did remove keleigh, Chanelle shouldve been first to get booted as she even got warned for violence earlier on with Kieron

      Its a proper joke :envy:

  7. Hannah says:
    Sun 18 Jun Reply !

    Yes I understand what mean…..
    Maybe I’m just cynical but I think it’s becoming more and more transparent that channel 5 intentionally choose housemates that have some sort of connection, all based on trashy reality Tv…
    I mean in all honesty what are the chances of picking a handful of ordinary people who have shagged the same guy, and previously voiced anger about tattoos of other girls faces on ex boyfriends that 3 minutes???
    Why do they insist on house mates like this ?
    It’s not big brother….,this is a structured reality Tv show divised purely to create ‘drama’ that will make us ( the ignorant viewer) pay money to vote.
    It’s now become acceptable behaviour to swear shag snog utinate deficate, distroy Property, waste food and generally show themselves up, ……,
    This is now the norm, it’s expected…..,
    They have to draw the line at physical violence, but pissing spitting and potty mouthing is all ok ?

    Where are they days of tasks to create tension but also fun? Seperate the haves and the have nots but watching them work together ? Feeding chickens ?
    Jade Goodies ‘kebab’ was a shock ……
    Bless her and that show changed her life …now her kebab wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow!

    These housemates are all reality star wannabes, wanting something for nothing and prepared to debase themselves to do it
    Channel 5 excels at scummy shows….

    Emma Willis should be embarrassed and Ryland should try to stick with ITV,

    This lot, with the exception of Raph should all collect their free pass to the Jeremy Kyle show on their way out .

    Rant over

  8. Saz says:
    Sun 18 Jun Reply !

    Hahahaha lolz that made me laugh Hannah, yes too right.
    And they shouldn’t pick reality stars anyway if its ordinary big brother, what happened to before where it was a bunch of unknown people we got to see and like or hate??
    This one should be celeb one if we already know them off TV, doesn’t give many others a chance to get in like this anyway.
    We might aswel just watch the reality programme that there from.

    Its basically like a spin off from that anyway now

  9. Hannah says:
    Sun 18 Jun Reply !

    Omg saz,

    I only just watched tonight’s show ….and believe it or Chanelle. AKA Promark said that her secret celebrity crush was Jeremy Kyle !! Lol ๐Ÿ˜

    I knew it ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  10. Hannah says:
    Sun 18 Jun Reply !

    Sorry I meant believe it or not and primark –
    I was laughing so much I got self induced typos !! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™ˆ

  11. Saz says:
    Sat 24 Jun Reply !

    ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚Hannah :up:

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