Big Brother gives three housemates immunity, teases ‘new faces’

VIP guests Gemma, Marnie, Nicola bid farewell amid rumours over new arrivals
8 comments - Posted on June 17 2017 at 09:08am

Big Brother 2017 - celebrity guests Gemma Collins, Nicola McLean and Marnie Simpson leave the house in live show

Kieran Lee, Lotan Carter and Raph Korine are immune from the next Big Brother 2017 eviction thanks to the celebrity guests – while Emma Willis has teased a host of surprises in the coming week, including ‘new faces’.

Former CBB housemates Gemma Collins, Marnie Simpson and Nicola McLean have been living in the house this week as part of the first shopping task.

Tonight’s live show saw the VIP guests bid farewell – but before they checked out, a twist gave each of them the chance to award a housemate of their choice immunity from the third eviction.

Gemma picked Lotan, saying: “I’m granting it to this person because you absolutely take my breath away, I think you’re magical, I really fancy you!”

Marnie chose Kieran, explaining: “I don’t think it’s a surprise, we’ve gotten on so well and you’re adorable and I want you to go far.”

Finally, Nicola went for Raph: “You are the best, I love you, you deserve to win it. Early birthday present!”

Therefore, Lotan, Kieran and Raph cannot be nominated this week, but will be able to make their own nominations.

Meanwhile, presenter Emma ended the episode – which saw Imran get the boot, and Sukhvinder follow him out the front door – with some news about what’s to come.

“Big Brother has some big surprises over the next week, including some new faces. Make sure you keep watching all week to catch that unfold.”

Viewers have speculated that this means that some fresh housemates are about to move in to the house – although Big Brother has yet to elaborate on who the “new faces” could be.

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8 comments on this article

  1. anonymous91 says:
    Mon 19 Jun Reply !

    these new housemates are likely to be just filler housemates, creating some drama for the ratings, and then being evicted halfway through

    i can really see Raph, Charlotte, Ellie and Lotan going all the way to the final

    this week in danger could be Deborah, Hannah, Rebecca and Chanelle i think maybe Tom could be up as well

  2. Oxfords says:
    Mon 19 Jun Reply !

    I expect the “new” HM’s to be the three who lost out in the vote on launch night. There really is a case for late comers to be given say three weeks to settle in before facing eviction, it gives the viewers time to get know them and not just reject them because they are “gate crashers”.
    I would like to see the three posers given the boot i.e Tom, (Lotion) Lotan and Keiran, they are just cocky.

    • anonymous91 says:
      Mon 19 Jun !

      Tom is improving for me, he isn’t the worst of the lot

      i find Joe such a sneaky old snake

      Rebecca is such a clueless idiot everytime i see her, loved Charlotte’s robot impression towards her :grin:

  3. whu6571 says:
    Mon 19 Jun Reply !

    How can 1 housemate get kicked out for threating to hit them with something…though i agree they should be kicked out…but someone who says to that person they will KILL them stays in??? is that not double standards?? surely they should both walk :down: :conf:

  4. Oxfords says:
    Mon 19 Jun Reply !

    I agree both girls should have been ejected, they were both as bad as each other. Expect the great viewing public to split up another couple this week, probably the sisters.

  5. Hannah says:
    Mon 19 Jun Reply !

    It will inevitably turn out to be ex partners paid for by our votes to go in and create turbulence, I doubt it will be genuine unknown newcomers .

  6. Hannah says:
    Mon 19 Jun Reply !

    😝 think I got that completely wrong !…..,,surely it wasn’t against elf and safety though 😂

  7. Oxfords says:
    Tue 20 Jun Reply !

    Rumour has it, that Lotan’s long lost love is going into the house, that will stir things up if true, Ellie will be distraught. This series of BB is a homeland version of Love Island, it really isn’t what BB is about, sexual tension is part of the show but should not take the whole as it is at present, where are the social interactions and long chats about some thing other than sex, the gnome task was good – more of this please and get more middle aged and older HM’s.

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