Imran evicted, Sukhvinder walks from Big Brother 2017

Wife leaves house with husband as she quits the show in shock live moment
4 comments - Posted on June 16 2017 at 11:20pm

Big Brother 2017 - Emma Willis interviews second evictee Imran Javeed and his walker wife Sukhvinder

Imran Javeed has become the second evictee of Big Brother 2017 – while his wife Sukhvinder Javeed QUIT the show live on air, leaving by his side in one of its most shocking moments ever.

The married couple entered the house on launch night as one of four ‘pairs’, but had competed in the game as separate housemates.

This week, they were both nominated alongside Charlotte, Kayleigh, Raph, and Rebecca, and tonight’s live show saw host Emma Willis announce that Imran had been evicted with the least votes to save.

However, it quickly became apparent he wouldn’t be the only person leaving. Although viewers had just saved her, Sukhvinder proclaimed: “I’ve got to go.”

Big Brother 2017 - second evictee Imran Javeed joined by wife Sukhvinder as she walks out of the house

Gemma Collins, one of the celebrity guests taking part in the show this week, reacted: “Are you going? Why are you going? Do you come as one?”

The housemates attempted to talk her in to staying, but she bid farewell and pressed ahead with her voluntary exit, saying: “No, no, that’s my man.”

As Sukhvinder ascended the exit staircase with Imran, Big Brother did not attempt to stop her, as producers would normally do in this kind of situation. After a ten-second countdown, the doors opened as normal, and they emerged from the house hand-in-hand.

It marks the first time in Big Brother UK’s history that a contestant has walked by escaping through the front door during a live eviction. Channel 5 confirmed to bbspy that Sukhvinder has left for good and is no longer a housemate.

Big Brother 2017 - second evictee Imran Javeed joined by wife Sukhvinder as she walks out of the house

Thrown by the unexpected turn of events, Emma ushered the Javeeds in to the interview studio and called a crew member to bring an extra chair on stage, exclaiming: “Sukhivnder’s done a runner!”

Explaining their joint exit, Imran said: “We were always gonna leave together.

“We thought we were coming in together, that’s the truth – it was the last minute that we found out that we weren’t. People have been trying to split us up for years – not even Big Brother can split us up!”

Imran said he was “happy” to be evicted, but confessed: “I think there’s other housemates that should have gone before me because of their attitudes, the disgusting words that come out of people’s mouths.”

Big Brother 2017 - second evictee Imran Javeed joined by wife Sukhvinder as she walks out of the house

He and Sukhvinder agreed that they’d have wanted Kayleigh to get the boot.

The Leeds entrepreneurs admitted that they were surprised the other housemates were so confrontational – and inadvertently echoed a major viewer criticism of this year’s line-up.

“This TV world is new to us,” Imran said. “I just thought we’d have everyday normal people from everyday normal backgrounds, working normal jobs.”

Producers had promised this series would feature housemates from a “range of backgrounds” – but they’ve since come under fire for casting so many existing reality TV stars, including three from Ex On The Beach.

Sukhvinder also addressed her own spats in the house – such as the ‘plastic bag’ incident with Chanelle – admitting she doesn’t “deal with conflict well”.

“I can stick up for myself, I just don’t have people like that in my world,” she explained. I always try to help people. Manners cost nothing.

“If I’m having to tell you about yourself, and it’s manners, it’s like, really?”

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4 comments on this article

  1. anonymous91 says:
    Sat 17 Jun Reply !

    i am so happy that Charlotte stayed, she’s such a genuinely sweet bubbly girl

    most intelligent and classy of all the girls in there :heart:

  2. Dakota says:
    Sun 18 Jun Reply !

    Hey guys random question! What happens to all the save votes for Sukhvinder? Do they get refunded? Makes me feel bad for Mandy losing her spot when Arthur walked, Sukvinder quits and Kayleigh gets removed lol.

  3. Hannah says:
    Sun 18 Jun Reply !

    No refunds Dakota, and ch5 rely on mugs like us to keep voting for these awful housemates, save your money !

  4. Mike New says:
    Tue 20 Jun Reply !

    Should never have been allowed on the show to start with if they were planning to leave together.

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