Big Brother 2017 suffered sharp ratings drop last night

Latest episode fell to almost half of ITV2 rival Love Island's audience
5 comments - Posted on June 14 2017 at 01:08pm

Big Brother 2017 eye logo

Big Brother 2017 ratings collapsed below a million viewers last night – while ITV2 rival Love Island managed to attract almost double its audience.

Since Big Brother’s launch last Monday – the least watched series opener ever with 1.3million viewers – it had just managed to stay above the seven-figure mark, except Saturday, a night that the show traditionally struggles on.

However, last night’s instalment, which featured the first nominations of the series, only managed an overnight average of 819,000 viewers (5.5% audience share), including those who watched on Channel 5+1.

This marks the first time Big Brother has rated below 900,000 on a weekday since 2015’s ‘Timebomb’ series, which saw three episodes fail to hit a million in one week – prompting bosses to enact the controversial ‘4 In, 4 Out’ twist.

ITV2 Love Island logo

Meanwhile, rival reality show Love Island is thriving. Its latest instalment last night had 1.52million viewers (7.6%, inc. +1).

A huge 55% of that number, 841,000, were aged 18-34 – while around a quarter of BB’s audience, 202,000, came from the youth demographic. According to the BBC, most of BB’s viewers are now within the 45 to 54-year-old bracket.

Despite the contrasting numbers, the two shows did not clash last night, with Love Island airing at 9.00pm, before BB went out at 10.00pm.

Next week will see Channel 5 move Big Brother around the schedules, with the live eviction night moving to Thursday. Highlights episodes will also air at the later-than-usual time of 10.30pm on Monday and Friday.

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5 comments on this article

  1. Northernmonkey says:
    Wed 14 Jun Reply !

    No surprise at all. the production team are, and have been embarrassingly poor for a few years now.

    They actually hinder the show, you’d struggle to be as bad as they are if you tried. EVERYTHING they touch turns to sh1t. Yet still they don’t listen to the few people still watching. May help if they had members of the production team who have actually lived a little instead of pipsqueak know – it all’s who have only been out of University for 3 months.

    I mean who’s bright idea was it to bring the 3 ugly sisters into the house ?, it’s these rubblish ideas that have help kill the show.

  2. Northernmonkey says:
    Wed 14 Jun Reply !

    I may have a cunning plan to help save the show. Now not sure if one of the team have thought of this but why not bring ……. Helen back ?.

    You know, it’s not as if they show has been on a downwoed spiral since the BB numbskull’s made sure they picked her as a winner :shock:

    Gotta larf :grin:

  3. Dr. Bob says:
    Wed 14 Jun Reply !

    No surprise; Arthur and Mandy were interesting and kind characters. Now we’re left with a bunch of self-congratulatory dimwits who don’t want to play the game, just shout and scream to promote themselves.

    If the producers can’t find a way to keep good people in the house, they deserve the worst ratings in the world.
    And I mean that both as good people in the sense of ‘normal’ and as good people for the ratings.

  4. Dr. Detroit says:
    Thu 15 Jun Reply !

    As my co-host on Big Brother Radio stated, “Channel 5 are making the show unsellable. It’s the final series. Low ratings, angry fans, no interest, no one will want to buy it, which means no competition for them in a bidding war to keep it!”.

    I agree. This is the last year on Ch5’s contract. Why make it a good one so that another network can swoop in and steal it during contract negotiations?
    Channel 5 has done a great job on bringing BB down to garbage level. One they renew (if the renew), I’m sure they’ll get back to basics. But in the meantime, they’re willing to alienate even the most loyal BB fans in the process. It’s a double edged sword. Do you do the best you can and possibly lose the show in a bidding war to another network? Or do you make it as unpalatable as possible so that nobody else bids on it, and you get to keep it?

    Either way, we’ve lost our show. It might be time to put this rascal to bed for good.

  5. Saz says:
    Sat 17 Jun Reply !

    :down: well obviously
    When it aired on channel 4 we used to get to watch housemates longer hours and through the night. I sometimes can’t see the point of watching everything THEY want us to see crammed in an hour episode.
    I used to be a big Fan of bb but obviously they need to get people into to it by letting the programme play out live like channel 4 use to, not o you missed it sorry was an hour, wait till tmoro :down: :sad:

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