Three celebs visiting Big Brother 2017 for shopping task

Ex-CBB stars Gemma Collins, Marnie Simpson and Nicola McLean return to house
8 comments - Posted on June 13 2017 at 01:57pm

Big Brother 2017 celebrity guests Gemma Collins, Marnie Simpson and Nicola McLean

Gemma Collins, Marnie Simpson and Nicola McLean will visit the Big Brother 2017 house this week as the housemates are forced to “earn their keep” for supplies, Channel 5 has revealed.

In the first shopping task of this series, the trio – all former Celebrity Big Brother housemates – have been invited to stay in the house as VIP guests.

To win a luxury shopping budget, the housemates will have to cater to every whim and diva demand of the famous visitors.

Gemma, Marnie and Nicola will enter the Elstree compound later today, but bosses have yet to confirm how long they’ll stay, and how long the task will last.

The idea is almost identical to the ‘Hotel BB’ challenge from 2015’s ‘Timebomb’ run, which saw the house transformed in to a hotel for a week, welcoming former CBB stars such as John McCririck, James Jordan and Jasmine Lennard.

However, fans have reacted negatively, as it goes against Big Brother’s once-sacrosanct rule that housemate should be completely cut off from the outside world.

Some have also suggested that the move is an attempt to boost ratings, with numbers for this series so far flatlining at around 1.1million viewers.

The task will begin on TV in tomorrow night’s episode at 9.00pm on C5 and 3e.

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8 comments on this article

  1. lily. says:
    Mon 12 Jun Reply !

    The producers already f**ked up that rule anyway by telling them the result of the general election. They are ruining the whole concept.

  2. kaz mcfc says:
    Tue 13 Jun Reply !

    Maybe if BB got joe public back in the house instead of reality tv wanna be stars in then the ratings would be higher….

  3. Northernmonkey says:
    Tue 13 Jun Reply !

    What is the point of putting in these 3 idiots ?. Sigh :down:

  4. Mike New says:
    Tue 13 Jun Reply !

    Just make sure Gemma Collins does not get sight of any of the food!!!

  5. Hannah says:
    Tue 13 Jun Reply !

    It’s just that no other shows would employ these 3 again very shortsighted if BB thinks this is ‘exciting ‘

  6. Northernmonkey says:
    Wed 14 Jun Reply !

    I think I will give the show a miss tonight.

  7. Oxfords says:
    Fri 16 Jun Reply !

    By golly Gemma Collins A CELEBRITY – why? a talentless, unattractive freeloader who thinks she is the “it” girl, common as muck and bossy, how do these people get on the greasy pole of so called celebrity, another example is the big headed nobody George Gilby, he and Coliins woiuld make a good dim witted common as muck couple couple.
    This series of BB is absolutely dreadful and Emma Willis who I so admired as a presenter has become aggressive and too cock sure, the softness has gone, probably that is the arrogance of riches and taking fame for granted. CH5 either need to shake up this series before it is too late and ditch the “village” getting back to the Big Brother House and entertaining tasks, or fold the programme altogether. I will keep watching, I am almost 70 and have enjoyed BB from the start ,but this the worst yet.

  8. Hannah says:
    Fri 16 Jun Reply !

    Oxford I totally agree, and apparently Marnie simpsons own mother went on an interview on loose women ( apt title) and said said she has no problem with her daughter having sex on Tv ….?!
    So what chance have they got with mothers like that?
    This will probably sound harsh but Gemma Collins is unable to have children I hope it’s the same for Marnie Simpson
    We don’t need any more like them and for the child’s sake it would be horrendous having to grow up in the shadow of these sluts it would be so unfair for the children 😧
    Gross the pair of them, they make Nicola Maclean look almost acceptable

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