Chanelle gets Big Brother 2017 formal warning after Kieran spat

VIDEO: Watch model knock honeytrapper's hat off his head in latest argument
- Posted on June 13 2017 at 07:28pm

Big Brother 2017: Chanelle McCleary knocks hat off of Kieran Lee's head

Chanelle McCleary has been given a formal warning by Big Brother 2017 producers after knocking Kieran Lee’s hat off his head in a heated clash.

The pair were messing around in the lounge last night, when Chanelle spat on the sofa and joked that Kieran “wants” her.

He responded by joking about Chanelle’s lip fillers, leaving her annoyed. “Why are you commenting on my appearance?” she asked. “That’s disrespectful. I think I look cute.”

The model retaliated by sharply knocking off the cap Kieran was wearing, warning: “Don’t ever comment on my appearance again, just saying.”

The unexpected move enraged Kieran, who said: “Who the f**k are you touching? Wow, you’re so lucky you’re a girl, man. F**k me. Very lucky.

“I swear to f***ing God, if you had been a lad… wow.”

“Alright, so when you wrestle people in the bedroom, that’s meant to be a joke? F***ing hell,” Chanelle hit back. “Because I hit your hat off?”

Kieran promptly stormed off to the garden, calling her a “stupid little c**t”.

The former Ex On The Beach stars managed to clear the air later on, with Kieran apologising for getting angry.

However, Big Brother wasn’t satisfied, and later called Chanelle to the Diary Room to give her a formal warning for her conduct.

It came a day after she was accused of trying to “suffocate” Sukhvinder by pulling a plastic bag on the entrepreneur’s head.

Watch her full row with Kieran tonight at 10.00pm on Channel 5 and 3e.

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