Full Big Brother 2017 housemate line-up revealed – pictures

C5 unveils fifteen contestants who'll be joined by 'The People's Housemate'
9 comments - Posted on June 5 2017 at 08:45pm


Channel 5 has officially unveiled the fifteen contestants who will be joining ‘The People’s Housemate’ on Big Brother 2017 – with the line-up featuring four pairs, and former stars of Ex On The Beach and Ibiza Weekender.

Earlier today the broadcaster confirmed that viewers will get to choose one final housemate from a selection of candidates during tonight’s live launch.

But before then, it has confirmed the other fifteen people who will be living in Britain’s most famous house this summer.

These include four pairs – sisters, mother and daughter, workmates and a married couple – although they will be competing individually rather than as joint housemates.

Browse our gallery here to meet the new Big Brother 2017 housemates:

Stay tuned to bbspy tonight for more news from the Big Brother 2017 launch show!

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9 comments on this article

  1. Mike New says:
    Mon 05 Jun Reply !

    Yet again we get a number of “reality” toss pots and some already in the public eye. Scotland and Wales miss out so it is hardly a house of “normal” contestants. How long before we get the first flash of T&A?
    Come on BB. Get your act together and get back to the real roots of the programme. No wonder the number of viewers are dropping.

    • Dee says:
      Wed 07 Jun !

      :up: :up: :up:

  2. Mike New says:
    Mon 05 Jun Reply !

    Looks like Joe was recently a drag queen.

    • Gusto says:
      Thu 08 Jun !

      :grin: :grin: :grin:

  3. Dee says:
    Wed 07 Jun Reply !

    :down: :down: Z listers . Shame. Not going to bother this year.

  4. @therealhannah says:
    Wed 07 Jun Reply !

    Mike your spot on
    This is really disappointing and also a really sad representation of British public.
    TBH since Helen Wood ‘won’ – I’ve become totally sceptical and disheartened with this show, so I only watch it sporadically because I don’t really care about any of them……..
    Even Rylan is loosing his sparkle I’m afraid 😳 it’s such a shame where are the genuine regular people ?

  5. Hannah says:
    Wed 07 Jun Reply !

    They could save costs and call it “Big Love islands Brother ”

  6. connie says:
    Fri 09 Jun Reply !

    Its far removed from the original concept and utterly contrived. Crude, immature, full of themselves, fame hungry wannabys. Big Brother is being killed, such a shame.

    • Hannah says:
      Fri 09 Jun !

      I couldn’t agree more.
      And this big brother ‘vote’ just highlights how ignorant most of them are ( and many outside the house too) … in the want to vote for the ‘normal’ party
      “Not the posh and rich” that in itself is understandable but half of them don’t even know the name of party never mind the leader or its manifesto??!
      I hate to say it but youth and the ability to vote is wasted on the young !!
      They haven’t got a clue what they are talking about and none of them are what could possibly be classed as ‘normal’
      Sadly this ‘normal’ yet delusional bunch think labour will help them coz they’re not posh 🙄

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