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When does Big Brother 2017 start? Launch date, house, theme, twists and more
- Posted on May 25 2017 at 01:22pm

Big Brother 2017 eye logo

As Channel 5 gears up for the launch of Big Brother 2017, here’s our round-up of all the main news on the new series – from its start date and schedules, to the house and potential twists!

In a matter of days we’ll be booking our spots on the sofa once more for the eighteenth (eighteenth) summer of drama from TV’s most famous house.

As usual, Emma Willis will preside over all the live shows, as Rylan Clark-Neal helps us debate all the action on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side.

But what else should you know about the months ahead? Get yourself up to speed with all the latest below…

Big Brother 2017 presenters - Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal

Does this year’s Big Brother have a theme?

Yes! As we’re sure you’re aware, the past year or so has brought upheaval in the UK and beyond, so this year bosses have decided to tackle that with a series loosely based on politics.

C5 has promised it will take an ‘alternative look at Britain’ by welcoming housemates from a variety of backgrounds for the ‘ultimate social experiment’.

This is significant, as the broadcaster has never previously used the term ‘social experiment’ to describe Big Brother, instead preferring to position its version of the show as ‘pure entertainment’.

This ‘must-watch culture clash’ is being referred to as the ‘United Kingdom of Big Brother’ – although that is not the official name of the series in the way that, say, ‘Big Brother: Timebomb’ was in 2015.

Big Brother 2017 eye logo - 'United Kingdom of Big Brother'

What does the eye logo look like?

To represent the UK theme, this year’s eye logo is a multicoloured representation of the Union Jack flag, covered in press cuttings and a variety of images.

These range from symbolic emblems of British culture – including a red telephone box and the gates of Buckingham Palace – to provocative political statements, such as a placard reading: ‘We are all immigrants’.

It is the second time in two years the eye has featured the Union Jack: in summer 2015 it was paired with America’s ‘Stars and Stripes’ for Celebrity Big Brother’s ‘UK vs. USA’ edition.

Is there a trailer?

Of course – and not only does it trail the show, it also gives us some clues about the new housemates. Among sweeping shots of British locations, teasers flash up, including ‘I’m heir to a country estate’, ‘I had to marry in secret’ and ‘I’m representing hot feisty women’.

It’s a more subdued trailer compared to C5’s usual efforts: there’s no sign of Emma and Rylan, and Marcus Bentley’s Geordie accent can’t be heard. Instead, narration is provided by a range of unknown voices.

The ad is also unusual in that it doesn’t even feature the eye logo: instead, there’s a multicoloured Union Jack animated in a distorted, data glitch style.

What does the new house look like? When will house pictures be released?

The house has been redesigned to resemble a village, matching the British theme. Little is known about what that actually involves, but Rylan recently teased that certain areas look like ‘cottages’ and ‘shops’.

It appears there has been major changes to the house layout. Construction pictures leaked in March revealed that much of the internal structure had been torn down.

Workers also demolished an entire wall in the garden, although it’s thought this wall has since been rebuilt in the same way as before. Meanwhile, the Other house is expected to be used as a task building.

Big Brother 2017 aerial house photo
Aerial shot of the Big Brother 2017 house construction

As for pictures, we’re not quite sure when they’ll arrive – last year’s snaps came just five days before launch night, so next week seems like a safe bet.

What’s all this about a ‘pairs twist’?

This year’s auditions, which were held between December and February, saw a major shake-up. For the first time ever, hopefuls were forced to team up with a partner and apply in pairs: no solo applications were accepted.

Although BB has featured joint housemates sparingly in the past – such as BB8’s Samanda, and Emma and Victoria last year – this change instantly triggered rumours that all of this year’s wannabes would be forced to compete as duos.

Speculation intensified when fans spotted several pairs among the images on the eye logo, although the Daily Star has since claimed that bosses have abandoned plans for such a twist.

But as ever, Big Brother is holding his cards close to his chest, so for now we’ll have to wait to find out exactly what he’s planning.

Channel 5 logo - Big Brother 2017

When is the Big Brother 2017 launch date?

Mark your diaries: Big Brother 2017 officially begins on Monday 5th June at 8.30pm on Channel 5!

Will Big Brother clash with Love Island this year? When will Big Brother air?

If you’re wondering about the unusual start time, it’s because the launch is going head-to-head with the first episode of Love Island, which airs at 9.00pm the same night.

The BB launch was also due to start at 9pm, but a last-minute change saw C5 shift it to 8.30pm, giving it a half-hour head start on its ITV2 sparring partner.

Unfortunately, this move means it will now also clash with ITV’s Coronation Street – while the first 30 minutes will air before the watershed, forcing bosses to censor any naughty bits.

The reality rivals should avoid clashing between Monday and Thursday: while Love Island will settle down at 9pm, with no major sporting events to defend against this summer, C5 is expected to put BB highlights back at 10pm on weeknights.

ITV2 Love Island logo

However, BB’s live evictions will remain at 9pm, so you can expect overlaps on Fridays – and we’re yet to find out what will happen on weekends.

When is Big Brother’s Bit On The Side on? Will there be any live feed?

Bit On The Side will air on weeknights only this series, typically at 11.00pm after the main show.

As usual, there is very little live feed to look forward to – C5 is treating us to a whole hour at 11.35pm on Monday 5th June, but after that it appears there will only be 25-minute slots on live eviction nights.

What is ‘Full House with Rylan’?

Oddly, there is no Bit On The Side on launch night, per se: instead, C5 will air an hour-long special immediately after the live launch show entitled ‘Big Brother: Full House with Rylan’.

It’s unclear what that entails: while we expect it to be broadly similar to BOTS, some fans have speculated the special title means Rylan will host the first episode of the spin-off live from inside the house – as he’d typically do at the end of the series, rather than the start.

Big Brother 2017 presenters - Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal

‘Full House with Rylan’ appears to be a one-off special – BOTS will resume under its usual title the next night.

Will Big Brother 2017 air in Ireland?

Indeed it will: last year, TV3 signed a three-year contract to remain the home of BBUK in the Emerald Isle, meaning it will air every series until Channel 5’s deal to make the show expires at the end of next year.

However, as part of its big rebrand in January, TV3 has now shifted all Big Brother programming to its sister digital channel 3e – so you’ll now need to head there to watch the highlights shows as well as BBBOTS.

(Oh and, BB won’t clash with Love Island in Ireland: 3e is also airing the ITV2 show, but 24 hours after it goes out in the UK.)

Is it true this year’s Big Brother will be the shortest ever?

It’s a possibility. The first official schedule release for Big Brother 2017 bills it as running for 40 episodes: at a rate of one episode a day, this would result in it lasting just over five and a half weeks.

However, there’s no need to panic quite yet. C5 was keen to play down the number, telling bbspy that the length of the series is not yet “set in stone”.

Big Brother 2017 eye flash teaser trailer

Marcus Bentley also tweeted a fan to reassure them it will last longer than “5.5 weeks”, so hopefully it will at least match the 50 days of last year’s run.

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