C5 listings suggest Big Brother could be shortened again

New series billed for just 40 episodes - but C5 insists length is subject to change
1 comment - Posted on May 24 2017 at 09:22pm

Big Brother 2017 eye flash teaser trailer

Big Brother UK fans have been left concerned after Channel 5’s first schedule release for the summer 2017 series revealed that the length of the show could be cut further.

There was uproar last year when the show’s 17th series ran for just 50 days – making it the joint second shortest ‘civilian’ BB of all time globally.

But it seems fans hoping that C5 would restore the show to its previous nine week benchmark may be disappointed after the broadcaster issued its schedules for the first week of Big Brother 2017 today.

According to the listings, the new series is currently scheduled to run for just 40 episodes – which, at a rate of one per day, would mean it will last just over five and a half weeks.

Channel 5 has moved to play down the news. When approached by bbspy for clarification, a source said that the episode count is subject to change and the length of this year’s series is not yet “set in stone”.

Big Brother narrator Marcus Bentley has also reassured viewers on Twitter, writing: “No it’s longer than 5.5 weeks. And then at some point we have Celebrity BB. We’ll have our usual summer of Bruv.”

If this episode count does prove true, it would mark the third year in a row that C5 has shortened Big Brother.

One possibility is that bosses are deliberately starting with a low number this year, after slip-ups during the previous two series.

Last year’s 50-day run was originally billed as having 63 episodes – while 2015’s ‘Timebomb’ series was cut from 72 episodes to 66.

It’s now been confirmed that Big Brother 2017 will start on Monday 7th June – with its launch show going head-to-head with ITV2 rival Love Island.

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  1. Anthony says:
    Thu 25 May Reply !

    I stg if they make it 40 days I will never watch BB again! Make it 65 atleast, you have spent half a year remaking the BB2017 house and only using it for 40 days??????? Have some sense and make it longer, if they ratings are bad (which it wont) make it 60 days

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