The Big Brother 2017 eye close-up: Could it hint at a pairs twist?

We examine the full list of symbolic British images in the new Union Jack logo
- Posted on May 11 2017 at 08:51pm

Big Brother 2017 eye logo close-ups

Channel 5 has unveiled the UK-themed Big Brother 2017 eye ahead of what promises to be a politically-charged series – but what are all the images it’s covered with, and does it hint at a pairs twist? bbspy takes a closer look at the new logo…

Yes, it really is that time of year again: in a matter of weeks we’ll be saying goodbye to our summers once more as Big Brother returns to our screens.

Bosses revealed the first details of the new series today, promising to tackle the tense political climate with a ‘social experiment’ – dubbed the ‘United Kingdom of Big Brother’ – uniting housemates from a range of backgrounds.

This ‘alternative look at Britain’ is symbolised with the latest incarnation of the show’s famous eye logo.

Big Brother 2017 eye logo - 'United Kingdom of Big Brother'

It is based on a multicoloured version of the Union Jack flag, alongside press cuttings headlined with Big Brother keywords, such as ‘Diary Room’ and ‘Evict’. At the centre is one of the trademark ‘hothead’ cameras seen in the show’s house.

However, we’re guessing the first thing that grabbed your attention is the fact the new eye is littered with ‘eclectic images representing modern Britain’. Some are iconic symbols of the UK, while others are likely to cause a stir by drawing on political and social issues.

By our count there are no less than 43 of these images dotted around – but have you managed to spot them all? Here’s a full list as we zoom in and examine the eye a few segments at a time…

A close look at the Big Brother 2017 logo images

  1. Three women clutching champagne glasses
  2. A rather dapper looking gentleman (at the smaller size you’d be forgiven for thinking that’s Rylan!)
  3. A block of flats
  4. A hand emerging from a cup of tea, holding a placard reading: ‘We are all immigrants’. (Controversial…)
  5. A naughty youth spray-painting graffiti of another classic Big Brother term: ‘Vote’
  6. A Royal Mail postbox

A close look at the Big Brother 2017 logo images

  1. A castle arch
  2. A lighthouse
  3. A row of beach huts
  4. A CCTV camera
  5. A head wearing a bobble hat (anyone else reminded of C4’s Fonejacker)?
  6. A pair of lips taking a selfie
  7. A teacup wearing stilettos
  8. A seagull in a kilt
  9. Ashton Court Estate in Bristol

A close look at the Big Brother 2017 logo images

  1. A pair of deckchairs
  2. A pigeon pecking a scone
  3. A smartly-dressed woman with a mouth for a head
  4. A henna tattooed-hand grasping a white van
  5. A man with a satellite dish for a head
  6. Bristol Cathedral

A close look at the Big Brother 2017 logo images

  1. Piles of rubbish, next to two wheelie bins
  2. A smiling couple
  3. An election polling station
  4. A pound shop
  5. A rose
  6. A row of townhouses
  7. A couple with a cat in a pram
  8. A ‘Mind The Gap’ notice from a London Underground platform
  9. A gate post

A close look at the Big Brother 2017 logo images

  1. A glamorous couple
  2. A cow
  3. A red telephone box
  4. A row of suburban houses
  5. A man on a mobility scooter
  6. A 99 ice cream served in a traffic cone
  7. A dog in a picnic basket…
  8. …surrounded by five hippies

A close look at the Big Brother 2017 logo images

  1. A plastic apple
  2. A mosque
  3. Another CCTV camera
  4. A man in a white suite tending to a pile of fly-tipped rubbish
  5. The gate of Buckingham Palace

While the new logo certainly does the job of representing the political ‘culture clash’ C5 announced today, is there more to it than meets the ‘eye’?

As you may remember, there was something very different about this year’s auditions: for the first time ever, hopefuls were only able to apply in pairs.

While it was stipulated that applicants may be split from their partners at any stage, the move instantly had fans speculating that the new series will involve a joint housemate twist.

That speculation seems to have been reignited following the unveiling of the new eye:

On closer inspection, you do indeed notice there are several images that appear twice on the eye, or others that form natural pairs. We picked out the following:

  • Two CCTV cameras
  • Two deckchairs
  • Two piles of rubbish
  • Two buildings in Bristol
  • Two rows of houses
  • Two hands holding things
  • Two religious buildings (the cathedral and the mosque)
  • Two sweet treats (the ice cream and the scone)
  • Two birds (the seagull and the pigeon)
  • Two red symbols of communication (the phonebox and the postbox)
  • The teapot and the teacup

In addition, there are no less than three couples shown (all on the bottom left).

Either we’re reading in to all of this far too much, or this is the strongest hint yet that the new series of Big Brother will feature only duos.

BBUK is no stranger to joint housemates – past examples include twins Samanda and Jack and Joe, and mother-daughter combo Charlie and Jackie Travers – but other countries, such as Australia and the USA, have gone a step further by forcing everyone buddy up.

So what do you reckon: is BBUK about to adopt this twist? Have the images in the eye given you any more conspiracy theories? Is there any need for Big Brother to be going all political this summer?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and stay tuned to bbspy for all the latest news on the new series, which begins on Channel 5 next month!

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