About Simone

Simone is an unemployed mother of three from Stockton-on-Tees. She would love to see the Queen live off benefits, “because she couldn’t survive”.

Simone once protested naked in a job centre against benefits sanctions.

Why Big Brother? Everyone who knows me knows, I am up for a laugh and a party”.

29 comments on Simone

  1. Hannah says:
    Fri 30 Jun Reply !

    She protests about benefits by stripping naked? And yet she’s an unemployed mothers of 3 ??
    Is that really her proudest achievement?

  2. Mike New says:
    Fri 30 Jun Reply !

    Sunday sport topless so is that classed as a zzz lister?

  3. Anonymous says:
    Wed 05 Jul Reply !

    She is fake, two faced, and a lier for saying she doesn’t wnat the money and it would mean nothing to her. I don’t like Sam but this newbie is even worse.

    • Bob says:
      Wed 05 Jul !

      Do you like anyone?

    • Anonymous says:
      Thu 06 Jul !

      @ Bob. Yes I do. I like Raph the most. I’m good w/ Deborah, Kieran, Isabelle & Charlotte. Still feeling out the newbies some more but thinking I may only like Andrew out of them.

  4. Stuart says:
    Sat 08 Jul Reply !

    Instantly forgettable.

  5. Anonymous says:
    Sun 09 Jul Reply !

    I stand by my earlier comment on this nasty piece of work. She’s just in there being a shit stirrer much like Sue is.

  6. Anonymous says:
    Sun 09 Jul Reply !

    This widked thing is a snake who is trying to constantly stir & trying to get the house guests to react in a way to make them look bad. Sue does this too but not to the extent of this vile girl.

  7. Mary says:
    Sun 09 Jul Reply !

    :grin: p :down: can’t stand Channelle thinks the world revolves around her

  8. Linda Ronald says:
    Sun 09 Jul Reply !

    This person is disgusting, she keeps spouting about her children watching the show, well act like a decent mother and stop showing your children that its OK to lie and act like a filthy trollop.

    • Daniel Penhaligon says:
      Sun 09 Jul !

      That comment i made is true and shes been on benefit programmes kicked off xfactor

  9. Daniel Penhaligon says:
    Sun 09 Jul Reply !

    Shes a granny basher served time 4 headbuting a 50 year old wats wrong with bb it sure they wouldnt let a pedo or rapist on ther shes a wrongun

  10. Daniel Penhaligon says:
    Sun 09 Jul Reply !

    Oh my god bbspy took my comment off coz i said shes a convict no swearing just truth how corrupt this show is im contacting omnus people

    • Amanda says:
      Sun 09 Jul !

      I can still see your comment about her

  11. Amanda says:
    Sun 09 Jul Reply !

    I am disgusted by Simone’s behaviour. Then tonight when it emerged she had been in prison for violence…… for gods sake where is Big Brothers duty of care to the other housemates and actually for her herself? Also, lying and shit stirring, sniggering and banging on about her children watching the show and yet provoking, goading and act in such a disgusting way. aaaggggghhh :down:

    • Daniel Penhaligon says:
      Sun 09 Jul !

      Yeh it came bk on and the assulting a 50 year old is true she served 6months i always thought if u had any sort of spent convictions u wernt aloud on things like bb or any sort of public gameshow and she goes on about her kids watching it well the state of u 2nite sure ther well proud 2 say thats my mummy dont ruin ther life coz your a wrongun

  12. MikeDublin says:
    Sun 09 Jul Reply !

    I think she should be removed for her own sake. There is serious mental health stuff going on here.

    • Daniel Penhaligon says:
      Sun 09 Jul !

      Defo not big brother more like big issue ! Lol

  13. Hannah says:
    Mon 10 Jul Reply !

    Maybe I’m just getting hard hearted but when they all got their temptations as in letters calls and visits from family….
    I didn’t really feel for any of them . – and Simone particularly- she’s only been in there 5 minutes?!
    I guess if I’m honest I don’t like anyone this year, ……they’re all pretty awful , no one deserves to win – BB should do a “rollover” til next time – lol 😂

    • Daniel Penhaligon says:
      Tue 11 Jul !

      Totally agree thats wat i thought half of them have already been on other programmes like wat eva happened 2 footage of the auditions they used 2 show b4 bb started feels like its all put together by agencys and not just ordinary people and wen did they get given so much alcohol or not once have they had 2 have basic food! Fake fake show

    • Bob says:
      Tue 11 Jul !

      Daniel your keyboard appears to be broken, I’d get that looked at as soon as possible otherwise people won’t have a clue what you are talking about as per your post above.

  14. MikeDublin says:
    Wed 12 Jul Reply !

    Seems to want credit for being upfront about all the lies she told. Cause that’s, you know, proof of how honest she is.

  15. Baileyivy says:
    Thu 13 Jul Reply !

    I seriously can’t watch her coz I hate her but I also feel sorry for her coz she’s clearly not well. She’s really desperate for attention…. It’s really cringe to watch. Like I know alot of them are like that but my toddlers act like her when they need a nap….. Ehhhh like I really can’t stand her she makes me angry everytime….

  16. Confused says:
    Thu 13 Jul Reply !

    Simone is using her knowledge as a viewer that people were saying Charlotte was forgettable. Notice how she pretends not to know who Charlotte is to reinforce that point? Mandy dropped the ball on that one.

    Luckily she is a very rich unemployed mother for 3.

  17. Stuart says:
    Thu 13 Jul Reply !

    Simone and Sue genuinely in hysterics at the end of last nights show was the best laugh I’ve had since day 1.
    Keep Simone in, it would be boring without her and her madcap antics. Much better than Chanelle and Ellies fake laughing when there’s nothing to laugh at.
    SIMONE IS MINT. :grin:

  18. Daniel Penhaligon says:
    Thu 13 Jul Reply !

    Simone is a melt she needs to go bk on her meds coz that weird twitch she does is random and yeh shes a unemployed mum with money coz shes a magazine sellout and done sum naughty pics i could keep going so wouldnt really say she achieved summit except 4 been a benecit cheat! Have u read her bio did a protest in the jobcentre about sanctions on money wat a proud moment in her life ha ha jokez

  19. Lillie says:
    Thu 13 Jul Reply !

    The jobcentre stripper needs to GO!!!!

  20. Shaz says:
    Fri 14 Jul Reply !

    Simone I don’t like her at all she needs To go she is faker she’s stiring trouble in big brother house she didn’t to go tonite.shes playing cleaver she a trouble cause. Feel so sorry for Andrew Plz guys nominate Simone get the faker out👋

  21. Libby lu says:
    Sat 15 Jul Reply !

    Simone is a vile person, who would let their children watch a program like this, she is a mental case and a liar.

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