About Sam

“Ultimate lad with an eye for the ladies”

In Sam’s big group of friends, he says he’s the leader. He regularly gets compared to Scotty T by the girls, and says this helps him pull on a night out.

Sam’s biggest passion in life is pulling girls and going out with the lads. He admits he is sometimes partial to an older woman – he once ‘got with’ his mum’s friend at a hen do.

Why Big Brother? “It will be the most amazing experience of my life and I want to see if I can survive without my phone.”

9 comments on Sam

  1. Northernmonkey says:
    Sun 02 Jul Reply !

    I don’t think he fancies Ellie. I suppose it’s showing dedication if nothing else.

  2. Confused says:
    Mon 03 Jul Reply !

    Can’t decide whether he is fame-hungry Lothario or a fly in Ellie’s web. Either way, he is stealing Tom’s camera time, and risks losing his place in the Kieran, Tom, Joe bromance.

  3. Oxfords says:
    Mon 03 Jul Reply !

    Sam….this chap is worse than Lotan who displayed his fame unlike Sam who is chasing fame and using Ellie, Tom will go this week, if a double, Charlotte will join him. Sam will go next week.

  4. Mike New says:
    Thu 06 Jul Reply !

    reminds me of a carrot and I don’t like carrots!

  5. Stuart says:
    Sat 08 Jul Reply !

    Poor guy can’t handle the heat unless he’s had a bevvy.

  6. Hannah says:
    Sat 15 Jul Reply !

    A bit shallow and weak I think

  7. Mike New says:
    Thu 20 Jul Reply !

    The carrot got topped by a scot.

  8. Mike New says:
    Fri 28 Jul Reply !

    I’d book the Judge if you want to see any of the money.

  9. Hannah says:
    Fri 28 Jul Reply !

    He doesn’t deserve the money.
    Andrew is a diva but to be honest he knew he couldn’t win so why not go for what he can get ?
    He made a knee jerk reactionary comment which was dumb but there’s no way this slime ball deserves a penny !
    He stuck his tongue 👅 down Ellie’s throat in an effort to glean popularity- then slated her and denied it when it suited him and he felt perhaps being seen as a ‘couple ‘ might actually have them a detrimental effect.
    Then he throws Isabelle under the bus !!
    He’s a half wit
    Slime ball Sam………
    And personally I didn’t think his cock was either big or impressive …..
    Slime ball and needle knob spring to mind 🤔

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