About Isabelle

“Funemployed and living off Dad’s money”

Isabelle hates the stereotype that comes with the way she looks: “I might have fake eyelashes and bleached hair, but I’m actually not a b**ch.”

While in Ibiza last year she hooked up with current housemate Kieran. She says they really hit it off and she’ll be insulted if he doesn’t remember her!

Isabelle’s pet hate is being judged by b**chy and fake girls. If any of the housemates give her a dirty look, she won’t hesitate to confront them.

Why Big Brother? “I want to have the best summer ever. I’m in-between jobs at the moment so why the hell not!”

16 comments on Isabelle

  1. MikeDublin says:
    Thu 22 Jun Reply !

    If that’s what she looks like with tons of make-up, what must she look like without!?

  2. Northernmonkey says:
    Thu 22 Jun Reply !

    Feel a bit sorry for her, looks a little sad.

  3. Northernmonkey says:
    Sun 25 Jun Reply !

    She can see right through Lotan’s bull, which he is struggling to deal with.

    Hopefully she won’t allow them to bully her, seems quite down to earth .

  4. Mike New says:
    Sun 25 Jun Reply !

    Love her :wink:
    Not to be messed with.

  5. MikeDublin says:
    Mon 26 Jun Reply !

    A female Arthur. Something wrong upstairs.

  6. MikeDublin says:
    Tue 27 Jun Reply !

    Still amazed that no-one has mentioned her bizarre face.

  7. Mike New says:
    Tue 04 Jul Reply !

    nice nips :wink: :happy:

  8. Stuart says:
    Sat 08 Jul Reply !

    If it wasn’t for the eyebrows she’d be my favourite to win

  9. MikeDublin says:
    Sat 08 Jul Reply !

    The eyebrows are just the tip of the faceberg.

  10. Hannah says:
    Wed 12 Jul Reply !

    I think has good morals underneath all the fake attributes

  11. Mike New says:
    Wed 12 Jul Reply !

    She is just too good for the house :heart:

  12. Mike New says:
    Fri 14 Jul Reply !

    scrubs up well under all that tan :heart:

  13. Hannah says:
    Sat 15 Jul Reply !

    I don’t particularly like any of the housemates this year but as someone has to win I’d pick Isabelle

  14. poemgate says:
    Sun 16 Jul Reply !

    ugly puss puss survey poll – NO MEN 16.07.17

    with isabelle i am objecting
    her statemeant in me is flicking
    a university degree is detecting
    nearly every uk puss puss has had licking.
    yes there is vile
    rotten to the very core
    some welcoming like a huge smile
    others wafting like fish and raw.
    isabelle needs confidence
    my boost will be fantastic
    her one will now stand proud with confidence
    reasurance about color and no need for plastic.
    whats inside is what matters
    no look color or even smell
    lady’s i hope my poem flatters
    all my inspiration came from isabelle.

  15. Winner says:
    Tue 25 Jul Reply !

    Best of a bad bunch.
    She was instrumental in getting rid of Lotan (the bad guy), so she should win for that alone.

  16. poemgate says:
    Sat 29 Jul Reply !

    final peace and big well done to this lovely lady. see everyone on this forum next Tuesday as CBB starts.

    is it a good feeling predicting the winner ? 29.07.17

    first off is congratulations
    you really done swell
    so proud of my poem communications
    ringing on forums is the isabelle.
    not often correct
    my winner is normally first down
    king arther you all did eject
    but rightly awarding the queen her crown.
    what was the learning
    is it possible from a blond cutey
    faith in BB fans is well earning
    we all see inside and out is a beauty.
    thank you so much
    the ending is leaving a grinner
    its so nice to get a touch
    thank you for ringing the isabelle the winner.

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