About Imran

“Self-made from the ghetto”

Imran was raised in a strict Muslim family. He met his wife and fellow housemate Sukhvinder at school when they were eight years old.

Growing up, their relationship was frowned upon and they had to sneak out at night to meet.

Imran wants to show the UK what a modern Muslim looks like.

Why Big Brother? “I want to show my children how to be a good person. I want to be an example to the next generation as well and let them know it’s not all about social media.”

2 comments on Imran

  1. Northernmonkey says:
    Sun 11 Jun Reply !

    Weak man to put up with a wife like that. He enables that kind of behaviour as he is too passive, though I guess he is sick of her so just wants a peaceful life.

    I can see why he’d be happy working away from home with that thing waiting for you.

  2. MikeDublin says:
    Sun 18 Jun Reply !

    In exit interview he said there was a lot of projecting going on in the house. What, like someone having tantrums, then complaining the others are children? Everything bad he ever said about people in the house goes double for his missus.

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