About Ellie

“Drama queen who is quick to argue”

Ellie says she is ‘so Yorkshire’ and is proud to represent her home county.

A self-confessed party girl, the 23-year-old was featured on the TV series Ibiza Weekender and has done four seasons as a holiday rep.

Ellie admits she is a hopeless romantic looking for her Mr Right – but she always gets her heart broken.

Ellie says her best personality trait is her sense of humour and that fact she doesn’t mind ‘making a fool out of myself and laughing about it’.

Why Big Brother? “I have always wanted to do it and be able to say I have lived in the Big Brother House. Not many people have been given that chance.”

8 comments on Ellie

  1. Northernmonkey says:
    Mon 12 Jun Reply !

    That stupid, cheesy ‘ redcoat ‘ kind of grin is annoying :grin:

  2. Tony Abbott says:
    Sat 17 Jun Reply !

    I love Ellie. …Ellie for the win

  3. Northernmonkey says:
    Thu 22 Jun Reply !

    A smile like The Joker, only less sincere :grin:

  4. Libby says:
    Mon 26 Jun Reply !

    I dont get why Ellie was picked for the show when she has had her moment of fame on the tv show Ibiza weekenders,and why has’nt she mentioned anything to her fellow house mates about it?.

  5. Confused says:
    Mon 03 Jul Reply !

    No one can be this naive. This Ibiza veteran is maximising camera time and making Sam look like the bad guy. Very clever.

  6. Stuart says:
    Sat 08 Jul Reply !


  7. Northernmonkey says:
    Wed 12 Jul Reply !

    Still not making ‘ chuffing ‘ happen. I think that she thinks everyone is saying what a great girl she is, oh sooo down to earth – and dead mad when she says chuffing hell.

    Nope, sorry.

  8. Hannah says:
    Sun 16 Jul Reply !

    Is shitting in a public lift now classed as normal behaviour?
    No one raised an eyebrow??
    She’s disgusting 👎
    If my daughter shat in a lift I’d be mortified
    She should hang her in Shane dirty bitch

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