About Charlotte

“Loves her champagne lifestyle”

Charlotte claims to have had the same boy hit on her and her mum, Mandy, who is also a housemate.

Charlotte has dumped all her previous boyfriends. She is a girl that knows exactly what she wants. If the relationship isn’t working she won’t hesitate to end it.

Her friends describe her as the ‘Ice Queen’ because she never cries and she is usually cold to people when she first meets them.

Charlotte has a lot of strong opinions and says ‘she will be the most argumentative housemate in there’.

Why Big Brother? “It’s the most bizarre situation I’ll ever be in and it’s something I will remember on my death bed.”

4 comments on Charlotte

  1. anonymous91 says:
    Wed 14 Jun Reply !

    :heart: i love Charlotte, people please if it’s vote to save this week, vote for her

    she definitely deserves to stay

  2. Anon says:
    Tue 20 Jun Reply !

    Love Charlotte! She also shares the same name as me. She has a such a great personality, really chilled out. But wish she’d come out of her shell a bit, it’s almost like Rebecca has taken the place of her Mum. Tbh she should get with one of the guys. Tom would be good for her, they’d make a great couple. :heart:

    • anonymous91 says:
      Mon 26 Jun !

      loved her last night how she handled the fight, trying to the calm the house down along with Kieran

  3. Northernmonkey says:
    Thu 22 Jun Reply !

    Painfully dull with a face like a slapped ass.

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