About Andrew

“Annoyingly happy”

Andrew wants to represent his country and thinks it would be great to see a Scottish person in the house.

Family is the most important thing to him. He would do anything for them and says they are all “irreplaceable” to him.

Andrew is passionate about hairdressing and even spends his spare time session styling for fashion events. He hates to “dwell on the negative” and describes himself as a happy and positive person, which people find annoying.

Why Big Brother? “I want to do it for the experience and the money! I want to give it to my Grandmother who is so supportive to me.”

27 comments on Andrew

  1. Stuart says:
    Sat 08 Jul Reply !

    What an embarrassment.
    Call himself a Scotsman!!!!
    What an embarrassment.

  2. Daniel says:
    Mon 10 Jul Reply !

    I love Andrew, he is hot 😍

  3. Aaron Holmes says:
    Mon 10 Jul Reply !

    What a joke tonight, starting on Simone just because he knew she was drunk and it would get him air time. Then jumping to “I’m going home!” When he got clocked by her.

    Imo Andrew should have been given a warning about the way he has been towards Raph as he is clearly uncomfortable.

  4. Hannah says:
    Mon 10 Jul Reply !

    Can’t understand what he says very often and particularly not when he’s shrill and screaming like a diva – he gives gay men a bad name ….desperate cliche

  5. Hippy Chick says:
    Wed 12 Jul Reply !

    Andrew is a breath of fresh air! He’s genuine! He’s also good looking!💟💟he has a great character! I think he would be a really good TV presenter!💟💟💟💟

    • Bob says:
      Wed 12 Jul !

      Ha ha but alas it’s not April Fools, good try.

  6. Lollipop says:
    Wed 12 Jul Reply !

    Well,Andrew brightens things up!!! He’s funny!!!😂

  7. Northernmonkey says:
    Wed 12 Jul Reply !

    He’ll be gunning for Rylans job next .

  8. sparkle says:
    Wed 12 Jul Reply !

    Hes a natural performer!!!😆

    • Hannah says:
      Wed 12 Jul !

      So is a meerkat 😊

  9. Hannah says:
    Wed 12 Jul Reply !

    But I have to say I admired Isobelle for sticking up for him

  10. pixie says:
    Thu 13 Jul Reply !

    Meerkats are THE CUTEST OF CUTE!!!!!!! :😘

  11. Stuart says:
    Thu 13 Jul Reply !

    I hope he wins the £15,000 so he can afford to leave Glasgow.
    What an embarrassment to Scotland he is.
    I squirm whenever i hear his voice.

  12. pixie says:
    Thu 13 Jul Reply !

    Hes the most entertaining. His scottish accent is actually nice!!!!😘😚

  13. Marcel says:
    Fri 14 Jul Reply !

    Andrew is nice person

  14. Aaron says:
    Sun 16 Jul Reply !

    Worst housemate out of them all. So boring and clearly a kiss ass, I dont wanna complain about someone personally but he actually irritates me just as him. Imo

  15. Anonymous says:
    Sun 16 Jul Reply !

    I kinda liked him at first but we got to see him be b**chy about Hannah this last episode. If that continues I’ll like him less than Sam.

  16. Pixie says:
    Sun 16 Jul Reply !

    At least he is upfront about how he feels!!😎😀

  17. Pixie says:
    Thu 20 Jul Reply !

    Andrew is a STAR!!!!💟💟💟

  18. Mike New says:
    Thu 20 Jul Reply !

    My grandfather would have called him a big girls blouse.

  19. Anonymous says:
    Fri 21 Jul Reply !

    @ Pixie. Andrew was being two faced when he had his talk with Charlotte several episodes back. His true colors came out & he’s looking like the horrible person he is. He went hard for the money & got it, though he had lame (lies) excuses for doing it. He got greedy & kicked out Sam to get the other 15,000 pounds. Can’t wait to see this pathetic being gone.

  20. Pixie says:
    Sun 23 Jul Reply !

    Andy has said he wants to give his prize money to his family. That is admirable!! He is a good person and it shines out of him!!💟

  21. Hannah says:
    Mon 24 Jul Reply !

    Andrew also said he wanted to give Sam £5000 k because he felt guilty…..
    Why do they all feel the need to pretend they’re not interested in the money when it fact it would be foolish not to be.
    To be honest Charlotte was the only HM to point this out

    Just admit it…….
    Sams getting nothing,

    One would automatically assume Andrew would share and use his winnings to help his family that should be a given – every one would do that and rightly so.

    But the hypocrisy of pretending that money means nothing is nauseating 🙃

  22. Winner says:
    Tue 25 Jul Reply !

    We need Big Bro to add a twist that could make him lose what he’s stolen from the pot.
    Now that would be entertaining.

  23. pixie says:
    Tue 25 Jul Reply !

    It saddens me to hear so much negativity! As I said before, Andrew is a good and decent person! I wish him all the best!!😎💖

  24. Mike New says:
    Wed 26 Jul Reply !

    Mr Singh showing his real colours methinks.

  25. Brodie says:
    Fri 28 Jul Reply !

    I love Andrew, he is so funny and positive, plus I find him attractive ❤️💗💟

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