Big Brother 2017 in review: Our most read stories of the year

Secret eviction, Arthur Fulford and The Steal among bbspy's top trending topics
- Posted on December 31 2017 at 06:44pm

Top 5 Big Brother stories of 2017

Jamie O’Hara’s secret eviction, Arthur Fulford’s shock departure and Andrew Cruickshanks’s £33,900 Steal are among the Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother stories that feature in bbspy’s five most viewed articles of 2017!

Yes, it really has been twelve months since we published the last edition of our annual trending topics countdown: in the crazy world of Big Brother, it feels like every year goes quicker than the last. We’re now just hours away from seeing in the New Year, and 2018 is set to be jam-packed with more BB than ever before.

Viewers will only have just recovered from their festive hangovers when Celebrity Big Brother kicks off on Channel 5 on Tuesday. As soon as that ends, the first ever Celebrity edition of Big Brother USA will launch on CBS, before March sees the return of Big Brother Canada following its (very brief) hiatus.

But first (*cough*), it’s time to look back on how Big Brother fared in 2017. Here, we begin with a rundown of our five most read articles of the past year…

5. Celebrity Big Brother backdoor eviction result leaked?

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 All Stars/New Stars - Ninth evictee Jamie O'Hara appears on stage

2017 saw Big Brother UK bosses continue their recent trend of casting far more housemates than there were evictions to get rid of them, forcing them to chuck some unlucky victims out the back door.

Several such exits took place throughout the year: Celebrity Big Brother’s ‘Weekend from Hell’ saw Jasmine Waltz kicked out, while no less than four housemates in the summer ‘civilian’ edition left with zero fanfare: Sue Evans, Charlotte Keys, Deborah Agboola and Kieran Lee.

The one that made our top five occurred during January’s ‘All Stars vs. New Stars’, when special guest Vanessa Feltz dropped by to act as the judge in a court task.

The unsuspecting housemates had no idea that the housemate sentenced by Judge Feltz was actually the one that polled the fewest public votes, and they’d have to make an immediate departure.

As usual in these instances, the result was kept secret until the next night, leaving viewers gagging for spoilers. Fortunately, The Daily Star brought us the news that it was footballer Jamie O’Hara who failed to make the final week.

4. Full Celeb BB line-up ‘leaked’: Angie Best to join son Calum?

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 All Stars/New Stars - Angie Best first evicted

The return of ex-housemates as ‘All Stars’ was the headline twist for January’s series of Celebrity Big Brother, but a line-up leak the day before it began revealed there was a further casting twist to come.

With former CBB finalist Calum Best back for a second shot, the canny C5 bosses also managed to sign his mum Angie as one of the ‘New Stars’.

The housemates were in hiding by the time the news broke, leaving Calum unaware of what was to come – and he appeared genuinely shocked to see a member of his own family walk through the front doors on launch night.

The Daily Star’s leak also revealed another surprise addition in Game Of Thrones actor James Cosmo.

3. Big Brother 2017 house leak reveals major changes (PICTURES)

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 All Stars/New Stars house pictures - garden

During this year’s Spring slump, when fans were midway between winter and summer Big Brothers and desperate for any news they could get, there was a surprise when a treasure trove of unofficial photos of the house surfaced online.

A Flickr user managed to capture the Elstree Studios building after workers had begun tearing it apart. The snaps hinted at a new layout, revealing that the inner walls of the building had been totally ripped out.

It also emerged that the entire back wall of the garden had been demolished, giving hope for major changes to the outdoor space, which has been largely the same since 2009.

Alas, a complete revamp wasn’t to be. There were some big tweaks, including a second bedrooms and a sealed off kitchen, but the overall layout was still very familiar, and the garden was rebuilt in exactly the same shape it was before.

2. Arthur Fulford leaves Big Brother 2017 after six days

Big Brother 2017 - Arthur Fulford in the Diary Room

In at number two in this year’s list is the sudden disappearance of Arthur Fulford from the summer’s ‘civilian’ Big Brother.

Bosses promised a true cross-section of society for the series, dubbed the ‘United Kingdom of Big Brother’, and filling the stereotypical posh toff role was Arthur, previously known as one of reality TV’s F***ing Fulfords.

He quickly proved to be a divisive presence in the house, branding Hannah Agboola a “s**t housemate”, and clashing with Imran and Sukhvinder Javeed in an argument about whether Earth is flat.

Six days of tension culminated when Arthur suddenly disappeared from the house. Channel 5 refused to clarify whether he walked or was removed: the official line was that he simply “left” after an “off-camera conversation”.

Arthur later claimed that he departed because he felt “bullied and isolated” and didn’t want to be seen as a “victim”. However, due to C5’s vague explanation, fans are still scratching their heads over the controversy.

1. Exclusive: Big Brother 2017’s Andrew on why he ISN’T giving Sam £5k

Big Brother 2017 - Andrew Cruickshanks evicts Sam Chaloner in The Steal twist

Our most popular article of 2017 turned out to be one of our exclusive post-eviction interviews with this summer’s housemates – specifically that of Second Chance winner Andrew Cruickshanks.

After Jason’s Annihilation of Lateysha caused shockwaves in last year’s Big Brother, it came as no surprise at all when the twist was repeated.

This year’s obligatory battle for dosh, The Steal, culminated with five housemates – Andrew, Ellie, Hannah, Isabelle and Sam – being offered £18,900 from the winner’s prize fund to evict another housemate.

However, that wasn’t the only money twist. When Andrew, Sam, Sue and Simone arrived late as ‘Second Chance’ housemates, they were told whoever lasted the longest would win £15,000, again from the prize fund.

By the time The Steal took place, Andrew and Sam were the last two Second Chancers remaining. What happened next was a no-brainer: Andrew buzzed in first and chose to evict Sam, therefore winning both cash prizes.

Having bagged a total of £33,900, a guilty Andrew pledged to give Sam a £5,000 share once the show was over – and of course, nosey Big Brother fans were eager to find out if he’d stuck to his word.

Speaking exclusively to bbspy after his return to the outside world, Andrew revealed that he’d decided not to honour the pledge. Why? In the Scotsman’s words: “He called me a snake on live television, and hasn’t stopped since.”

  • We’ll be publishing our Best Bits of 2017 in a separate feature shortly, and the fifth annual bbspy Big Brother Awards will be kicking off soon, so stay tuned to find out how to vote. Don’t forget the new series of Celebrity Big Brother begins on Tuesday at 9.00pm on Channel 5!

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