Exclusive: Big Brother 2017’s Andrew on why he ISN’T giving Sam £5k

Second Chance winner talks to us about 'snake' scandal and his £33,900 Steal
5 comments - Posted on August 11 2017 at 04:35pm

Big Brother 2017 final - Second Chance winner Andrew Cruickshanks

Big Brother 2017’s Second Chance champion Andrew Cruickshanks tells bbspy about his ‘snake’ controversy and why he ISN’T giving Sam a share of his £33,900 prize money in an exclusive chat!

It may be two weeks since Isabelle was crowned the winner of Big Brother’s eighteenth series, but we expect the housemates are still trying to process the weeks they spent living in a TV madhouse.

Among those who had the craziest experiences was Andrew. He lost the People’s Housemate vote, but later returned as one of the Second Chancers – and eventually walked away with a third of the winner’s prize fund.

It was a bumpy ride, with viewers and housemates questioning his unrequited affection for Raph, his allegedly ‘snakey’, bitchy behaviour, and his decision to have his, er, posterior waxed in front of the nation.

Big Brother 2017 housemate - Andrew Cruickshanks

However, Andrew had the last laugh when he won £18,900 during The Steal – and made himself a further £15,000 richer by booting out his last remaining Second Chance rival, Sam Chaloner.

Now the dust has settled, bbspy has caught up with Andrew for a quickfire chat, finding out his thoughts (or lack thereof) on his clash with Simone, who he’d have evicted as a regular housemate, and why he won’t be giving Sam £5,000…

You came second in the People’s Housemate public vote on launch night. Which of the candidates would you have voted for?
I would have absolutely voted for Tom, that boy is the best!

A few weeks later, you returned as a Second Chance housemate. How did you feel about not being eligible to win the show?
I was just grateful I had the opportunity to get into the house!

Big Brother 2017 final - Second Chance winner Andrew Cruickshanks§

You soon took a shining to Raph. Looking back, do you think you came on a bit too strong where he was concerned?
Yes possibly, but half the time me and the other housemates were having banter about it. It looks more serious than it was.

Some of the other housemates branded you a ‘snake’ and suggested you were bitching behind people’s backs. Why do you think that happened?
Soon as I took the money, everyone changed towards me, and so my attitude obviously changed – but I never said anything about anyone that I never said to their face. The word ‘JEALOUS’ comes to mind.

You had your own confrontations, notably with Simone, whom you described as “dangerous”…
Who’s Simone? No idea who that is, sorry!

During The Steal, you won £18,900 and the Second Chance prize of £15,000 by evicting your rival Sam. Was that a spur-of-the-moment decision?
I would have been an idiot not to evict Sam. I wanted to stay until the end.

Big Brother 2017 - Andrew Cruickshanks evicts Sam Chaloner in The Steal twist

Had you been a regular housemate playing the same game as everyone else, would you have evicted someone different?
Hannah, because she spoke negatively about me at any chance she had. Bless her!

We’ve got to ask – have you followed through on your pledge to give Sam £5,000 of your winnings?
Absolutely not – he called me a snake on live television, and hasn’t stopped since! Lesson learned – he should keep his mouth shut. More money for my grandparents.

Was having your back, sack and crack waxed on national TV yet worth the extra £3,000?!
I done it for the Gold team, I’m a team player!

Some viewers were annoyed you stayed in the house until the final, while Big Brother kept evicting housemates through the back door. How would you respond to that criticism?
I won my Second Chance competition fair and square. It’s Big Brother’s rules, and I love them for it.

Which housemates have you been keeping in touch with on the outside? Have you changed your perceptions of any of them since leaving the house?
I have a few on social media, but I’ve been too busy. And gosh yes… I hope never to see more than half of them again!

Finally, have you been watching the new series of Celebrity Big Brother – and if so, who are your favourites so far?
Yes, I’m absolutely loving it. Sarah, even though she is coming across slightly boring. Trisha also, but seeing a different side to her I’m not sure of.

The Celebrity version of Big Brother continues on Channel 5 and 3e nightly until Friday 25th August

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5 comments on this article

  1. linda says:
    Fri 11 Aug Reply !

    he sad he give some to charity did he

    • Alex Kerr says:
      Sat 12 Aug !

      I’m a friend of Andrews. I’m sure he will he is a very kind and caring guy.. 😊

  2. Mike New says:
    Fri 11 Aug Reply !

    a long limbless reptile which has no eyelids, a short tail, and jaws that are capable of considerable extension. Some snakes have a venomous bite.

    a treacherous or deceitful person.

    Take your pick. Both for me.

  3. Hannah says:
    Fri 11 Aug Reply !

    Can’t believe anyone would think that he would actually go through with it ?
    It was just a flippant remark to appease his guilt at the time 😏

  4. Ashley says:
    Sat 12 Aug Reply !

    At the end of the day it’s a lot of money I think anyone would see themselves and family first then do whatever else with rest. Whether it’s invest or give to charity

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