Georgina Leigh Cantwell’s Big Brother eviction in pictures

2 comments - Posted on July 1 2016 at 10:58pm

Big Brother 2016’s very own Romeo and Juliet story came to an end tonight with Georgina Leigh Cantwell being torn apart from Jackson Blyton in the third eviction.

A voting freeze during the live show saw nominees Andy and Jayne saved – leaving Georgina and Evelyn to sweat it out (the latter seemingly particularly panicked).

Georgina’s worst fears were then realised when Emma Willis announced it was her time to go – and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, with the Taking New York star welling up as she bid farewell to her BB boyfriend.

See pictures of her tearful exit in our gallery above!

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2 comments on this article

  1. allyson says:
    Sat 02 Jul Reply !

    I want to know why they didn’t mention what happened under the covers with her and Jackson because it looked like he was finger bashing her. As soon as Marco came out he got asked about his antics and am sure when Ryan and hugie are out they will too. Is it just because they are trying to portray her as rich kid who dosnt want to disrespect her parents?

  2. Mike New says:
    Sat 02 Jul Reply !
    So why was she on bb in the first place? Don’t they do normal people any more?

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