bbspy10: Our favourite Big Brother UK eye logos

2 comments - Posted on May 23 2016 at 08:03pm

In the second part of our new Big Brother Top 10s series marking bbspy’s 10th birthday, we have ranked our favourite eye logos from the past decade!

bbspy's Top 10 Big Brother eye logos

The UK pioneered the eye logo in the world of Big Brother. In 2001, with the help of artist Daniel Eatock, Channel 4 created a symbol so iconic that it eventually decided to ditch the actual name of the show from all its branding – and in 2011, Channel 5 redefined it with a new simplistic template.

The BBUK eye has been copied the world over. Some countries have put their own spin on it, while others have nicked ours directly – including Serbia, Bulgaria, India and even the Netherlands, the country Big Brother originated in.

There’s been so many brilliant designs over the years that it’s quite hard to rank them – and we’re not even just considering the eyes. For our list, we’ve also taken in to account their accompanying graphics (trailers, titles, straps, credits). Unfortunately that means bad news for Big Brother 10!

Also, we’re only covering the decade bbspy has been online – so while we were able to find an excuse for the Box task to be in our Top 10 tasks, unfortunately there’s no pre-BB7 logos here.

Check out our gallery below to see our top 10 Big Brother eyes!

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2 comments on this article

  1. Brekkie says:
    Wed 25 May Reply !

    BB7 just gets better with age. BB8’s looked better in the promos than on the show, though agree it was much better when tweaked for Celeb Hijack.

    One thing C5 did do right though was change the eye – it needed to happen and after a fairly safe start it’s proved very flexible and almost as iconic, whilst unlike the original it’s become the go-to logo for the show worldwide.

    P.S. Well done on marking your tenth anniversary ten years after you launched, not a year early like every TV show seems to do nowadays.

  2. Josh says:
    Wed 25 May Reply !

    I completely agree with BB7’s eye being the best. And the title sequence with the hidden messages was the best. Although BB5 also had hidden messages in its title sequence…

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