Big Brother 2016 ends with huge boost in official ratings

Series averaged 1.58million viewers - and may be C5's third most watched yet
1 comment - Posted on August 8 2016 at 06:09pm

Big Brother 17 - leaked possible title card

Big Brother 2016 has ended with an official series average of 1.575million viewers – which could make it Channel 5’s third most watched ‘civilian’ series to date.

This year’s run (BB17) had an overnight series average of 1.14million viewers (including Channel 5 +1) – only 10,000 higher than last year’s ‘Timebomb’, which was the lowest rating run ever.

However, strong catch-up numbers mean it has performed considerably better in the consolidated or ‘official’ ratings, which account for factors such as recorded viewing.

  • BB Official Averages inc +1
  • BB14 (2013) 1.9million
  • BB13 (2012) 1.578million*
  • BB17 (2016) 1.575million
  • BB15 (2014) 1.567million*
  • BB12 (2011) 1.556million**
  • BB16 (2015) 1.361million*
  • *Does not account for all C5+1 broadcasts. **Series aired before C5+1 was available

BB17’s official series average is 1.575million viewers (including +1) – up 214,000 on Timebomb’s 1.36million.

It is even ahead of 2014’s Power Trip series average of 1.567million viewers – which would make it C5’s third most watched ‘civilian’ series to date. However, the Power Trip and Timebomb averages do not account for all of their +1 ratings.

Elsewhere, the BB17 final officially rated at 1.79million viewers (inc +1) – just 70,000 less than its launch show, making it C5’s third most watched BB final.

The launch of the current Celebrity Big Brother, which took place two days later, had an official 2.71million viewers (inc +1) – up 350,000 on its overnight.

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    Thu 11 Aug Reply !

    this dateing Rubbis is fixed aswell I know the complaints your gettin should be ashamed for putting up with those four veil human beings

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