Emma Willis denies Big Brother 2016 was ‘cut short’

- Posted on July 27 2016 at 09:10pm

Big Brother 2016 presenter Emma Willis

Big Brother 2016 presenter Emma Willis has denied that the series was “cut short”, despite it ending up to two weeks earlier than Channel 5’s own listings billed.

Speaking in a video blog recorded before last night’s grand final, which saw Jason Burrill crowned the winner, Emma insisted that the series was always intended to last just seven weeks.

“Let’s clear this up – loads of people on social media are saying, ‘oh my God, they’ve cut the series short’,” she said. “We have not cut the series short. The series was never meant to be any longer than this.

“This is what it was scheduled for. This is how long we were meant to be on air.”

However, C5’s weekly schedule releases to the media repeatedly said the series would be 63 episodes long – with even the final listed as ‘episode 50 of 63’.

In addition, the closing date for the broadcaster’s series-long Big Brother on-air competition is Monday 8th August – which would have been the date of the final if it had ran for the full 63 episodes (at a rate of one per day).

Although Big Brother 2016 may not have been cut short while on air, its length was slashed: at just 50 days long, it not only the shortest ‘civilian’ series ever in the UK, but the joint-second shortest ever worldwide.

It clocked in at two weeks shorter than the first four series, which previously held the UK record.

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