Alex, Sam out of Big Brother in shock double eviction

Housemates in disbelief as 'least popular' pair are booted via the back door
- Posted on July 25 2016 at 11:28pm

Big Brother 2016 - Sam Giffen and Alex Cannon evicted

Alex Cannon and Sam Giffen have become the last two housemates to be evicted from Big Brother 2016 in a shock double boot-out just over 48 hours before the final.

In tonight’s highlights show, housemates took part in the ‘Twisted Carnival’ task – which featured a Zoltar fortune-telling machine, where housemates were called in pairs to find out what the public think of them.

Andy and Jackson were told they’d been named the ‘most memorable’ housemates, while Jason and Jayne were named the ‘least happy’.

Zoltar then summoned Alex and Sam, who are universally liked in the house – leading Jackson to predict: “It’s gonna be a good one!”

Big Brother 2016 - Sam Giffen and Alex Cannon evicted

However, Zoltar told them: “You are the least popular housemates…”

“B***h f**k you, this is bulls**t!” said Hughie – but Zoltar wasn’t finished there, adding: “…and have been evicted.”

The group’s disbelief turned to cries of ‘no’ as Big Brother confirmed the news. “Since Friday evening, viewers have been voting for their winner. Earlier today, the vote was frozen before being counted and verified,” the eye explained.

“The housemates with the fewest votes are Sam and Alex. Sam and Alex, you have been evicted and will leave the house immediately.”

The pair bid a tearful farewell to the rest of the housemates. “Is this a f***ing joke?” asked Evelyn, with Jayne adding: “This is ridiculous, I feel quite faint.”

Big Brother 2016 - Sam Giffen and Alex Cannon evicted

Before they left the house via the Diary Room, the evictees shared their final thoughts with Big Brother.

“I just don’t get it really, but whatever, it is what it is,” said Alex. “I had a feeling that something was gonna go down, it’s never all s**ts and giggles on task day. Someone was gonna get it and unfortunately it was us.

“If I was to sum Big Brother up in one word I would say testing, because it doesn’t half test you on your character, what you think of yourself and others.”

Meanwhile, Sam admitted he was “gutted”, musing: “I’m ready for home. I’m ready to see my friends and family, to get out of this absolute madhouse… but devastated I couldn’t get to the final, being so close.

Big Brother 2016 - Sam Giffen and Alex Cannon evicted

“I’m proud I’ve come this far though. it’s absolute mental torture but the most incredible experience, and we’ve gained some amazing friends for life.”

Back in the house, Hughie struggled to come to terms with what happened: “No, there’s something to this, this cannot be for real. I don’t understand that.”

“They wouldn’t do it for a joke,” replied Andy.

Big Brother has not explicitly stated the order in which Alex and Sam placed.

The result means that Andy, Evelyn, Hughie, Jackson, Jason and Jayne are the finalists of Big Brother 2016. The vote to win has now resumed, and the champion will be crowned in tomorrow’s live show at 9.00pm on Channel 5 and TV3.

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