Big Brother 2016 ‘Other’ house finally unveiled – pictures

1 comment - Posted on June 7 2016 at 11:52pm

Big Brother 2016 launch - Emma Willis enters The Other House

Big Brother 2016’s highly-anticipated new ‘second house’ has finally been unveiled to the world, with tonight’s launch show seeing six ‘Others’ move in to the new space.

The second house is a 700sqm extension to Big Brother’s main building at Elstree Studios, and has its own front door leading to the brand new live show set, which was also unveiled for the first time tonight.

It has a similar decor to the main house, but is much more colourful, with the lounge area painted in green and pink with a blue carpet. It has two small sofas and a kitchen, but if the Others want to sit down for a meal they’ll have to do it in the sizeable garden, which is furnished with loungers, chairs – and a dining table.

The bedroom is green, black and grey, with four beds for the six inhabitants to share between them. The bathroom was not shown during the launch show, but it was revealed that there is a second Diary Room, featuring the same egg-slicer chair as the main confessional – although the black and white colours have been switched, and its backdrop is red instead of purple.

The new house is known as ‘the Other house’ as it is home to the Others, a group of contestants who are not fully-fledged housemates. Andrew, Hughie, Jayne, Natalie, Charlie and Ryan are not even considered individuals: their job is to work as a group to conspire against the real housemates in the hope of robbing them of their places in the main house.

However, neither the housemates or the Others know that some of them may already know each other.

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5, and TV3 in Ireland.

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  1. James says:
    Wed 08 Jun Reply !

    Not bad. Need to see them in it to judge if it’s big enough!

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