Big Brother 2016 main house revealed in first look pictures

Black and white design has bursts of colour - but second house is still under wraps
4 comments - Posted on June 2 2016 at 12:11pm

Big Brother 2016 UK house - garden

Channel 5 has released a “first look” at the new main house for Big Brother 2016, with a largely black and white design matching its shattered eye logo.

Although a previous announcement described the house as “slick, stark and monochrome”, there are vibrant bursts of colour in each room, including plenty of the usual neon mood lighting.

Check out pictures of the new Big Brother 2016 main house in our gallery:

The layout of the main house is almost identical to last year, although the bedroom has been made smaller, and is now accessed from the living room, with a large window separating the two.

The living room has black and white walls and floors, with a pink zig-zag stripe running through the entire area. The kitchen features glossy worktops and an angled dining table, and also what seems to be the new Diary Room door. Meanwhile, the lounge has yellow circular sofas and pink stools.

Blue, pink and yellow stripes intersect the black and grey walls and decking in the garden. A new split-level pool has been installed, and there’s plenty seating for housemates to soak up the sun on.

The bathroom has also had a facelift, with grass mats and hanging plants giving it an earthy feel.

However, bosses have yet to reveal what the new second house looks like. Last night it was confirmed that the new series will feature two houses from the start for the first time ever after a huge new extension was built on to the Elstree Studios building.

A major twist will see the second house occupied by the ‘Others’, a group of non-housemates who will conspire against the real housemates to steal their places in the main house.

Only five pictures have been released today, but the official Facebook promises more will come.

Big Brother 2016 begins with a two-hour live launch on Tuesday at 9.00pm on Channel 5 and TV3.

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4 comments on this article

  1. Ryan says:
    Thu 02 Jun Reply !

    Im loving this design and colours! However the bedroom looks very empty! The glass window wall is a nice touch tho! Can’t wait to see the second house!!

  2. Jack says:
    Fri 03 Jun Reply !

    Love ittt

  3. mr.blobby says:
    Sun 05 Jun Reply !

    I’m going to try resist clicking on the diary room chair pic this year…last time I did it was in Perez’s season — was so underwhelmed but overall a good season.

  4. Phil says:
    Thu 16 Jun Reply !

    Connections At Home sells the yellow dining chair

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