Big Brother 2016 two house twist to involve secret relatives?

11 comments - Posted on May 26 2016 at 06:54pm

Aerial view of the Big Brother UK house

Big Brother 2016 WILL have a two houses in a twist that could see two family members living on opposite sides without the other knowing, a report suggests.

A 700sqm extension with its own garden has been built on to the Big Brother house at Elstree Studios for the new series, and fans have been speculating about potential twists since documents publicly released in January labelled the new building as the ‘2nd house’.

Now the Daily Star has claimed that there will indeed be two completely separate houses this summer, which it says means viewers will essentially be watching “two series at the same time”.

Bosses are still working out how they will be shown on TV, with an insider suggesting that they could be featured in separate episodes.

“This is a massive first for the show. It’s going to be nothing like anything that’s ever been done on UK telly before,” the mole said. “The two houses will basically run like two different series, meaning fans will get twice the fun.”

Further twists are being planned to take advantage of the two houses. According to the paper, a pair of relatives could secretly be split up and placed on opposite sides of the divide.

“The idea would be to have a daughter in one house and her mum in the other, but not tell either of them,” the source explained. “It would be a big stunt, but producers are determined to make this the best series ever. The twist also means later in the series they can combine the two houses if they want to, which would be amazing TV.”

The trailer for the new series teases that “the game is changing”, but so far Channel 5 has only said that housemates will be left paranoid and suspicious by a “dark, yin and yang-style force”.

Big Brother 2016 begins on Tuesday 7th June at 9.00pm on Channel 5 and TV3.

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11 comments on this article

  1. Dr.Detroit says:
    Thu 26 May Reply !

    *Clicks OFF for good*

  2. Tom says:
    Thu 26 May Reply !

    I like that idea!

  3. Brekkie says:
    Thu 26 May Reply !

    This would have been ace in the hands of C4. Just don’t trust C5 to do it justice.

    • Josh says:
      Fri 27 May !

      I agree. I’m holding on to hope here, though. :) CBS did a good twist like this with Project DNA, where two half-siblings lived together not knowing that the other existed, let alone living in the same house. Perhaps it could be that sort of twist?

    • Ludvik says:
      Fri 27 May !

      to Josh: There’s no point in doing the twin twist, when their aim was to survive a few evictions, the problem is that there’s no public influence in the USA so they had to play it well with other housemates to be saved, until they both could enter the house as 2 different housemates. what point would it be in the UK format of Big Brother? Public would know about the twist, so they would obviously save them in case they were nominated.

    • Sam says:
      Fri 27 May !

      He isn’t talking about the twin twist. In that same season they had a half brother and sister, who didn’t know of each others existence, and found out they were related whilst on the show.

  4. BB_fan4eva says:
    Fri 27 May Reply !

    This twist has already been done in BigBrother Australia….two seperate house, they lived along each other…then the wall came down to combine one big house.

  5. Oxford says:
    Sun 29 May Reply !

    I suggested this senario to the broadcaster back when it was on Channel 4, there would be two sets of HM’s neither knowing of each, the bedroom/s would be side by side with a removable wall, after a period when all are settled in, the wall is lifted when all are asleeep, they wake up in one large bedroom and are combined into one group with the second house being shut off from the second group, my ideas always seem to happen, just like the idea in China in the news today, to have another travel way above existing roads, I put this idea to the relavent people years ago, by building multi transport structures above our existing motorways with extra roadspace, train tracks and all household services running within the structure a far more extensive scheme than the Chinese are prosposing. I wonder if in the future it will happen? No they like wasting money on ruining our countryside, politicians as thick as a pea souper, not thinking outside the box, little wonder the poor stay poor and the rich prosper.

  6. Dan says:
    Sun 29 May Reply !

    This wont work obviously the relatives will tell each other they’ve been chosen as housemates, secondly they don’t go into hiding soon enough so this article was probably read by half the new housemates and thirdly the walls are paper thin I also agree why put relatives in a new house the whole point would be to se the dynamics which from past experience when relatives have entered hasn’t been that gripping if anything they should have a house full of exes or rivals plus usually it just ends up with the housemates not being able to have fun and getting told off by their parents which as a viewer is enraging.

  7. Margaret Pace says:
    Wed 01 Jun Reply !

    Cannot wait . :grin:

  8. Joel says:
    Sat 15 Apr Reply !

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