Big Brother 2016 eye logo, first advert released

New icon combines black and white halves with coloured shatter effect
8 comments - Posted on May 17 2016 at 06:20pm

Big Brother 2016 eye logo

The brand new eye logo for Big Brother 2016 has been unveiled this evening, featuring a multi-coloured shattered effect – while Channel 5 is also airing the first teaser advert for the new series.

Big Brother 2016 eye logo

The latest incarnation of television’s most famous motif is made up of two halves – one white and one black – intersected by a mess of shards coloured in yellow, red, blue and pink.

A three-second ‘eye flash’ teaser advert premiered on Channel 5 tonight at 6.00pm, featuring the icon shattering in to hundreds of pieces.

Fans were quick to compare the eye to the one used by Channel 4 for Big Brother 9 (pictured below), which also featured a shattered design, appearing in the titles with a mirrored effect.

No further details about the upcoming series have been confirmed, although Bit On The Side presenter Rylan Clark-Neal teased on Twitter that the eye represents “a brand new game”.

The two halves have been compared to the famous yin and yang symbol, adding fuel to rumours that bosses are planning a twist involving two houses.

The Big Brother house is undergoing its biggest renovation since 2002, with workers currently constructing a 700 sqm extension complete with its own garden that has been described in official documents as the ‘2nd house.

Big Brother 9 eye logo

Channel 5 has previously hinted that there are big changes in store for Big Brother this year in a bid to boost ratings, with last summer’s run attracting the lowest ratings on record.

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8 comments on this article

  1. Ryan says:
    Tue 17 May Reply !

    I get a hijack feel, and a bit of old school.. Loving the short flashes! Gives it a good build up feeling… It’s looking positive so far ❤️😏

  2. Ludvik says:
    Tue 17 May Reply !

    New game, new rules, house extensions.. sounsd like HoH Room and bigger garden to me…

  3. Sam says:
    Thu 19 May Reply !

    I’ve read on Twitter that there will be two spaces for housemates to invade? Secretly hoping that if there is an element of gameplay then it might be like the Turf Wars task they did in the year Luke A won. That was actually one of my favourite shopping tasks of recent years, it was quite exciting. Perhaps it’ll be that, over the course of a series. Can’t wait though, whatever it is!

  4. Sam says:
    Thu 19 May Reply !

    And perhaps the two halves of the eye are black and white to resemble a game of chess, where the housemates might be in two teams and throughout the course of the series have to knock each other out of the game?

    • Ludvik says:
      Thu 19 May !

      That’d be actually sick! and Finals in 2, one from each side!

    • Sam says:
      Thu 19 May !

      Exactly! And maybe if they were to keep the public vote in, they might have it where each team nominates a member of the other team and then the public evinces one of them. We can but dream eh

    • Sam says:
      Thu 19 May !

      Or the public evicts one of them rather haha

    • Ludvik says:
      Thu 19 May !

      I’d keep it without public at all haha

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